Amanda Seyfried would love to play Taylor Swift in a movie.

The 29-year-old actress - whose previous film credits include 'Mean Girls' and most recently, 'Ted 2' - has revealed she would relish the opportunity to star as the pop superstar in a feature film, but doubts she would get the part.

Asked if she would like to embody any specific woman, Amanda replied: ''Taylor Swift ... but I don't think I would.''

The American actress revealed she has a desire to move into making biographical movies, having already tried her hand at various different genres.

She told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo: ''I've tried pretty much everything, to be honest. But if I had to choose something it'll be biographies.

''I like movies about real people because they are the hardest ones. They require a deeper personal search than the ones done when playing a fiction character.

''You are conscious that you are playing someone who has existed or is even alive and that makes you step up your game.''

And Amanda revealed she is eager to challenge herself as an actress.

She said: ''I like to challenge myself and constantly try new things. Let's just say I self impose challenges on myself to conquer my own insecurities. The roles that intimidate me the most are later the ones that leave me most marked.''