Amanda Seyfried thinks her on-screen kiss with Megan Fox was ''really sexy.''

The 'Jennifer's Body' stars locked lips in the 2009 movie and Amanda, 28, thinks they looked great on screen and because her and her co-star have similar kissing techniques.

She said: ''We kissed really well together. We have similar kissing styles! If I watch the scene, it's actually really sexy.''

The 'Mamma Mia' actress also revealed that the scene in the film - about a cheerleader who killed and ate her classmates - was included to please ''the masses'' but admitted the ploy didn't work.

She told W magazine: ''We got it done for the masses, and, sadly, the masses didn't show up.''

Despite appearing in a wide range of movies since she starred in 'Mean Girls' in 2004, Amanda clams she never felt like she was really famous until she took on the role of Cosette in 'Les Miserables' last year.

She added: ''It may be that I'm older, and it may be that social media is everywhere now. I don't think I was really famous until last year - and I felt like no one paid much attention to what I was doing.

''That was good. But 'Les Mis' was an international hit, and that changed things. Before, I was a little more anonymous.''