Amanda Seyfried feels ''empowered'' going out without underwear.

The 'Les Miserables' actress is comfortable going commando but insists she wouldn't tell anyone what she was doing as she thinks it is good to have personal secrets.

Asked if she would go out in public without underwear, she said: ''Yes! But I wouldn't let anyone notice. It's something very personal. Being the only one to have a secret makes you feel very empowered.''

The 28-year-old beauty also insisted she would never reveal her ''intimacy'' by having sex for real in a film, as the stars of new movie 'Nymphomaniac' are rumoured to have done.

She told French Grazia magazine: ''I'm really not a prude, I've got a pretty European approach to nudity, but I would never accept to film real life sex scenes, it is often gratuitous and unnecessary. I think it's great that Shia LaBeouf did 'Nymphomaniac', but I don't want to reveal my intimacy to the whole world. I've simulated pretend sex on the big screen enough times to know my limits, I think that's more than enough.''