If there was a contest for this year's most gorgeous dog. it would have to go to Amanda Seyfried's cute-as-pie Australian Shepherd, Finn. Her fluffy friend showed that not only is his fur sleek and his eyes bright but he also has the showmanship to match his celebrity owner.

Amanda Seyfried Dog
Seyfried & Finn Work Out Together.

The Mamma Mia! Actress brought her furry-tailed amigo out to meet David Letterman during an interview on his Late Night show. When asked if Finn possessed any particular talents, Seyfried proudly stated "He balances things on his head," adding "In fact, he has his own Twitter account." She then revealed that not only was Finn ready and waiting in the studio, she had requested that several hamburgers be made ready so that she could demonstrate her pup's talents.

Amanda Seyfried
Seyfried Walking Finn, Her Australian Shepherd.

At first Letterman was sceptical, scoffing "A dog with raw or cooked meat on its head is going to go nuts and not sit with it on its head," but then the 27 year-old actress called upon her canine companion to prove him wrong. The brown, long-haired Finn bounded up to where they were sitting to audible "awwww"-ing from the excited audience.

Watch The Clip Of Amanda Seyfried & Finn On Late Night With David Letterman:

With skills described as "remarkable" by the astounded host, Finn managed balance a hamburger on top of his head. The temptation must have been excruciating for the obedient hound but when Seyfried instructed "Don't do anything I wouldn't do! Look at me, keep doing it!" he remained strong.

Amanda Seyfried
The Actress Only Needs One Man In Her Life, And He's Not Human.

It was only when the audience broke into applause that Finn's concentration lapsed and he snapped up the falling burger meat as it fell off his head, eating around the lettuce. "You clapped," scolded Amanda as the audience laughed and cheered harder but Finn's skills had been proven. He then jumped on to the chair next the Lovelace actress, as she stroked and tickled, telling him "I'm proud of you."

Amanda Seyfried
"Yes Siree, My Dog Is Adorable."

Seyfried, who is about to star as Deep Throat porn star Linda Lovelace, told OK Magazine in 2011 that the most important man in her life is Finn: "My mind is on my dog. He is my best friend. I love him. I think of him and only him. I don't like to be out late because I just want to go home to my dog."

Take note men: get some burger-balancing, meat-resisting skills and Amanda's heart is yours.