Amanda Seyfried admits it's hard to hear ex-boyfriend Dominic Cooper talk about his love life.

The 'Mamma Mia!' co-stars split last year after dating for over two years and while they remain very close friends, Amanda says it sometimes hurts when he discusses the new women in his life.

She said: "Dom is my favourite person in the whole world and one of my closest friends. It does hurt sometimes (to hear him discuss who he's seeing) but I wouldn't want us to ever stop being open with each other. If you truly love someone, I think you should be able to tell them everything."

Although the 25-year-old beauty remains close to the actor, she refuses to speculate whether they may get back together.

She told Glamour magazine: "I try not to look to the future. I don't want to be making plans past this month or next month. When you're in your mid-twenties, your feelings change so dramatically from one moment to the next, so it's pointless to think too far ahead. My new philosophy is to live for now."