The Mamma Mia! star took her beloved pooch Finn to work with her every day, but she flew into a panic one night after her furry friend went missing from her trailer.

Seyfried quizzed everyone on set about the lost dog, but no one would give up the joke, forcing the actress to go running to Wahlberg when she realised Finn had become a victim in the action man's quest for revenge.

She explains, "Pranks are fun and stuff... (but) don't 'f' with Mark Wahlberg... I was doing funny things like jumping out and scaring him... But I was doing that and some classic little pranks, little things, just for fun, and I get back from set one night and my trailer door's open and Finn is gone and I panic immediately.

"I'm running around and I'm like, to the teamsters (crewmembers), 'Have you seen Finn, where did he go?' I'm bawling at this point, and everyone around me is like, 'I don't know what happened...' What could possibly have happened to him?

"Nobody in Mark's entourage would give it up, and then finally I go to Mark and I'm crying hysterically... 'Where is he? You have to tell me!' He got really freaked out because he didn't realise how upset I would be, which is weird 'cause literally Finn follows me into the camera (shot), and he was like, 'Oh God, OK, I'm so sorry' and he picks up his phone and (then) this Escalade drives down the parking lot and the window rolls down and Finn's sitting there in the back seat eating free range chicken!

"So the point of the story is, Mark is an animal lover!"