Amanda Bynes is finally getting the treatment she deserves, or at least it looks like it. Regardless of whether or not her 5150 hold leads to long-term intervention, Bynes will not be charged with trespassing, arson or any other offence in relation to this week’s incident.

Amanda Bynes, Courthouse
Kooky wigs aside, Bynes's behavior has been getting more erratic by the day.

Of course, there’s still the matter of the conservatorship, which the troubled starlet is facing, however, at this point, it looks like some outside intervention, any kind of outside intervention really, would do her good. So far the exact events of the Monday incident are unclear. However, according to TMZ, clear signs of schizophrenia are present and doctors are looking to extend her psychiatric hold from a mere 72 hours, to two weeks, giving them ample time to observe and diagnose the former child star’s behavior. Additionally, Bynes’ parents have finally filed for a conservatorship, a measure which has been discussed for months, but never actually implemented.

It looks like Amanda’s latest breakdown might actually be good for her, as it seems to be just the final straw, leading up to an intervention by family, loved ones, and of course, health care professionals. Of course, Bynes still has two sets of criminal charges hanging over her head – DUI charges in LA and reckless endangerment in NYC, but with her parents and doctors on the case, at least she might avoid getting into additional trouble for the duration of whatever treatment her doctors are planning.

Amanda Bynes, Courthouse
Hopefully, this will mark Bynes' reversal of fortune.