Famous people hire people to make sure they don’t say stupid things, right? If Amanda Bynes has someone like that, then they need to be fired as soon as possible, and Twitter needs to be banned. If she doesn’t, then, well she NEEDS one.

We’re talking about a PR person; a media officer – someone with a modicum of sense that can at least try to control the things that come out of her mouth. Miley Cyrus’ phone beeped recently, and when she picked it up, she would have seen “Mentioned by @AmandaBynes”, then she would have seen a picture of her with a Tweet saying “Ur ugly”. How does the old adage go again? ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say…’ you know the rest. No response from Miley – she’s probably got better stuff to do, but one things’ for sure: Bynes shouldn’t be allowed near a smartphone or anything connected to the internet while she still has a twitter account. What’s more, Bynes recently said on Twitter that the Hunger Games star and fiancé to Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, is the "most gorgeous man on the face of the earth." Just what is she up to, huh?

A Previous victim of her vicious Twitter attacks was Rihanna, who was told that Chris Brown beat her up because she wasn’t pretty enough. Bynes also got a bit racist, which was weird. Either way, this girl needs an intervention.

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes isn't in a good place

Miley Cyrus
Miley Myris probably doesn't care what Bynes is saying about her