From all the news surrounding Amanda Bynes lately, it appears the retired actress is going through a rough patch – but that certainly doesn’t mean that she can’t have a bit of fun as well. According to TMZ, Bynes did just that – taking the time to unwind with a spontaneous trampoline class in Buffalo, New York. It was a pretty unremarkable class, apparently. Bynes wandered around aimlessly for a bit, looking rather dazed, then she jumped to her heart’s content.

She was also reportedly sporting a brown wig, but the actress is now infamous for her curious hair pieces. And that would have probably been all, if one man hadn’t approached Amanda after the class to ask her what she was doing in Buffalo. Amanda reportedly denied being in Buffalo. While being in Buffalo and speaking to a man, who was also currently located in Buffalo. As usual these days, Bynes also took to twitter to air her side of the, erm, story – namely, that she hadn’t been in the city and she didn’t own a brown wig.

As questionable behavior goes, this is one of Bynes’ most minor incidents, but it does fit into her recent pattern, which has fans and, more importantly, her family, highly concerned. Bynes’ LA-based parents have threatened to have her placed under a conservatorship, effectively taking control over her decisions until she is capable of taking care of herself.

Amanda Bynes, Bristol Farms
Amanda's in the news again - and in Buffalo, apparently.

Amanda Bynes, MTV Movie Awards
She was just having a bit of fun.