Amanda Bynes could stage a comeback like Robert Downey Jr.

The actress has caused concern with her bizarre antics and recent run-ins with the law and although she has blasted bloggers including Perez Hilton for reporting on her troubles, he believes she can turn her like around like Robert did after his own dramatic fall from grace.

He said: ''I don't take Amanda Bynes' personal attack on me personally. I know she isn't thinking rationally and isn't even speaking to her parents, which she admitted herself on Twitter. She keeps asking to be ignored but is screaming for attention and Twitter followers.

''Instead of getting her Charlie Sheen on, it is my wish that she overcome and shine on - like Robert Downey, Jr.''

Perez also revealed he and Amanda were once close friends and he and some of her other pals have repeatedly reached out to help her, without success.

He said: ''Amanda and I were real life friends in the past. Other former friends of hers and I have tried to help - repeatedly - for a long time. Unfortunately she has not been open to that. I hope she gets better and works through her issues, sooner than later.''