Amanda Bynes shaves half head and it seems like the world goes crazy over it. The troubled young actress, pardon, ex-actress, who brought us hilarious comedic performances in films like Hairspray and Easy A, has been on everyone’s lips lately. The reason? Her numerous questionable incidents, such as stealing hairspray from a salon, making inappropriate comments over Twitter, getting cheek piercings out of the blue and… getting a new haircut? And if you’re wondering why on earth that last one would be a problem, you’re not alone. Judging from her recent behaviour, the 27-year old actress clearly is in need of some help.

But this week’s story was just her tweeting a picture of her new buzz cut, accompanied by the words: "I buzzed half my head like @cassie! No more old photos! This is the new me! I love it!" (She was referring to the hip hop singer Cassie, who sports a similar style). And still the media and some twitter users were quick to jump on the “Amanda Bynes is slipping” bandwagon. But is it really such a big deal? According to Bynes’ twitter, she buzzed her hair off to get rid of a bad extension job. That’s neither unusual, nor controversial anymore, especially after a number of celebrities have chosen to rock the edgy look – media darlings Rihanna and Miley Cyrus being two notable examples. So, what’s so special about Amanda Bynes’s new haircut? We’re not sure exactly, but it’s clear that everyone enjoys watching a train wreck, even when there really isn’t one to be seen.

Amanda Bynes, MTV Movie Awards 2011
Amanda Bynes in 2011 - pre-buzz cut and New York antics.