Months after Amanda Bynes made news with her odd behavior and alleged mental illness, her mother, Lynn Bynes, is stepping up to defend her daughter and set the record straight. She has denied the mental illness claims entirely and attributed all of her daughter’s antics to marijuana. This explanation seems to fit with Bynes’ previous history – in May 2013, the actress was arrested for throwing a bong out of the window of her New York apartment.

Amanda Bynes
Bynes is feeling much better these days, no thanks to medication, according to her mother.

"Amanda has no mental illness whatsoever. She has never been diagnosed as schizophrenic or bipolar," Bynes tells Us Weekly in a statement, via attorney Tamar Arminak. "She is very sorry for all the hurtful tweets, statements and actions that occurred while she was under the influence of marijuana."

The statement does contradict previous reports that Amanda Bynes’ stay in rehab was to help her deal with her mental illness. She sought treatment at a Malibu facility, and spent some time in the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center and just returned home in December 2013.

Arminak now reports Bynes’ condition as stable, relying on “zero medication.”

“She's devoted to living her life as healthy as possible," Arminak adds to Us. "Her family is closely involved with her day-to-day life, but they try to give her as much autonomy as possible."

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At least as far as her social media presence is concerned, the at-home treatment seems to be doing the trick.Nickelodeon star has seemingly been getting back to her old self since reuniting with Lynn and dad Rick. She's deleted all of her previous offending tweets, and is now majoring in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Orange County, Calif. Earlier this month, she celebrated her 28th birthday with a Cabo San Lucas, Mexico getaway with her parents. There’s even a photo or two on her twitter to prove it.