After months and months of erratic behavior, it looks like Amanda Bynes is finally getting the treatment she needs. The court decided to extend the former starlet’s 5150 psychiatric hold. Originally intended to last just s72-hours, the court extended Bynes’ stay in hospital to two weeks. The measure was reportedly taken, so that doctors would have enough time to observe and properly diagnose Bynes.

Amanda Bynes, Court
The former child star won't be released for another two weeks.

According to TMZ, the hearing was held at the hospital, where Bynes is currently detained. Bynes’ parents, who have been notably absent for the past few months, were also reportedly present. Following Bynes’ latest arrest, the two have finally filed for a conservatorship. While Amanda’s hospital stay renders the extreme measure unnecessary in the following too weeks – that is, until Bynes is released – her parents are seeking control over certain aspects of her life. Currently, it is unknown which aspects those would be exactly.

Amanda Bynes, Manhattan Courthouse
In that time, Bynes' parents will try to attain a conservatorship.

However, judging from previous experience, the conservatorship might be exactly what the troubled starlet needs at the moment. Back in 2008, it was Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, who attained a conservatorship over his daughter and Britney’s career has picked up in a big way since then. Hopefully, we can expect the same comeback, or at least a successful recovery, from Bynes as well.

Amanda Bynes, Manhattan Criminal Court
Hopefully, the retired actress can get the help she needs.