Amanda Bynes has been moved from her secure psychiatric ward at UCLA in favour of an upscale rehabilitation center usually frequented by celebrities recovering from drug problems. It was an interesting and worrying choice of medical care to be made, however it is one that her parents have since said was done for the former child star's own good.

Amanda Bynes court
Amanda has apparently stopped wearing her wig since receiving treatment

Speaking with TMZ, Rick and Lynn Bynes discussed the story initially reported by the website that stated Amanda had moved to The Canyon, a Malibu rehab center, questioning whether this was the best option for her wellbeing. Addressing the move, Rick and Lynn said that yes, it was for the best, as they believed that the UCLA Medial Center where Amanda was initially staying had done all it could for Amanda.

Speaking through their lawyer, Tamar Arminak, the elder Bynes's say that the Amanda Show star was moved at the advice of her doctors and has been making "great strides towards recovery." The report goes on to state that whilst she was at the UCLA centre, she was "stuck with people in much worse condition than her" and as a result she was beginning to feel "scared, afraid and did not leave her immediate room area."

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The actress is recovering, but it will be a long process

Arminak went on to state that, even though she is staying in a rehab center, Amanda is still "getting specialized psych care," including "one on one treatment" with psychiatric doctors. He insisted that she was "not [in] drug rehab," with the report going on to state that Amanda has much more freedom now she is in the rehab center, being able to roam the grounds, look at the ocean and ride horses if she wants to. The center is also, reportedly, $50k cheaper a month.

The reports about her move to the rehab center came around the same time that it was reported that Amanda has been diagnosed with having schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, although these claim have yet to be confirmed.

Amanda Bynes
We hope Amanda all the best in her treatment