Amanda Bynes has been winding down a long spiral of self-destruction over the past few months - one that has won the troubled former child star plenty of tabloid inches - with her behaviour getting increasingly unstable as the weeks went on. Hopefully, the Amanda Show star will be able to find some stability in her life from here on in, as her mother, Lynn Bynes, was granted legal authority over her daughter, as People have reported that the star will be placed in a temporary conservatorship following a psychiatric evaluation.

Amanda Bynes Court
Amanda did not appear at the court this week

At a courtroom in Ventura, California, on Friday (9 August), Judge Glen M. Reiser ruled that Amanda was in no fit state to take care of herself and approved her mother's appeal to retain legal control of her daughter. It was also revealed at the court hearing that the former child star will now be placed in a 30-day psychiatric hold for further evaluation after spending 17 days in hospital following a bizarre incident when she was found in the driveway of a house in a retirement community stood around a fire she had started.

Amanda Bynes Bristol Food
Amanda will undergo a 30-day hospital stay for further observation

While she undergoes her 30-day stay in hospital, her doctor shall retain conservatorship of Bynes, with Lynn's legal custody lasting until until 30 September. Lynn, who attended the hearing with her husband and Amanda's father, Rick, have been given the power to make most of the most important decisions in their daughter's life, including her accommodation, and providing provisions for food and clothing etc.. She will also have access to Amanda's savings, with the former child star said to be worth around $3 million. Amanda did not attend the court hearing.

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Hopefully Amanda can get her life back on track soon, we hope