Amanda Bynes gave the world a brief respite from her antics, only to return with more shocking news than ever. The star has been hospitalized on a 5150 hold – news, which many had seen coming for a while. What’s more outlandish is the offence that landed Bynes in treatment. The star had apparently attempted and possibly succeeded at lighting a small fire in a random stranger’s yard.

Amanda Bynes, Manhattan Courthouse
Amanda Bynes is quickly replacing Lindsay Lohan as gossip column fodder.

According to TMZ, the star was detained after the fire department responded to a call from a home in Thousand Oaks, CA. Amanda had been accused of trespassing nearby. When the fire brigade arrived at the scene, they reportedly found the singer, standing next to a small fire in the house’s driveway. The police department was subsequently called on the scene. Bynes was detained and is currently under psychiatric hold. It is unclear whether the owners of the home are planning to press charges.

Amanda Bynes, Manhattan Courthouse
Fresh off her bong-tossing incident, she is back in the news.

The actress did not know the occupants of the house. When asked whether she was familiar with a person, called Amanda Bynes, the elderly woman, whom the house belongs to, said no, TMZ reports. At this point, it seems that the retired actress’ little pyromania episode was just that – an episode. Unfortunately for her, the fourth of July was too long ago to claim she was just indulging in some belated fireworks.

Amanda Bynes, Manhattan Criminal Court
The fire is her most serious offence to date.