Actress Amanda Bynes will have to wait until mid-July (13) to find out what punishment she'll be handed following her April, 2012 drink driving arrest in Los Angeles after the case was pushed back.

Bynes was not in court on Wednesday (29May13) for the hearing into the misdemeanour charge and a judge scheduled the next meeting for 18 July (13).

The hearing came just days after the Hairspray star's latest run-in with the law - she was charged with attempted evidence tampering, reckless endangerment and marijuana possession after New York police alleged she tossed a bong out of her apartment window as they raided the place following claims the star had been smoking pot in the lobby of her building.

Bynes was charged with driving under the influence and refusing a Breathalyzer or blood-alcohol test last June (12) in connection with an April (12) incident in West Hollywood.

The arrest sparked a series of legal woes and reports of bizarre behaviour related to Bynes - she was charged in two alleged hit-and-run incidents, but both were dismissed after the actress reached civil settlements with the other motorists involved.

Her attorney also entered a no-contest plea to a charge of driving with a suspended licence in a case filed by Burbank prosecutors. The New York counts won't affect the Dui charge, but Burbank prosecutors could seek to have her probation revoked for her conviction for driving without a licence.