Amanda Bynes is apparently too unstable to stand trial for an alleged DUI incident that took place last year. Bynes was due to stand trial for the allegation on Monday, 24 September, however a report from TMZ has revealed that the judge for the case was unsure whether Bynes could comprehend the seriousness of the trial, and has arranged a pre-trial to evaluate her mental state.

Amanda Bynes court
Amanda dons a wig - a trademark look for her for recent public appearances - at a May court case

Rich Hutton, Amanda's lawyer, apparently spoke with TMZ on Monday after the case was rescheduled at the last minute. According to Hutton, the judge presiding over the case called into question "the mental capacity" of the former child actress, and questioned whether she properly understood the formalities of a court hearing. The judge proceded to re-arrange the trial date, depending on the outcome of a trial in a mental health court, where a judge and a team of medical expert will determine her mental state. The DUI incident in question took place in April 2012.

Amanda Bynes
Her mental health began to be seriously questioned at the beginning of 2013

Amanda is said to be currently undergoing some long-term treatment plans to hopefully control her mental health problems, following her well-publicised public meltdown earlier this year. Following her arrest for trespassing, after she was found standing-by a fire she had started in a woman's driveway at a retirement community, in July this year, Amanda was placed in a 30-day psychiatric hold so that her mental health could be evaluated properly. On 9 August, a California court ruled that Amanda wasn't fit to properly look after herself and granted her mother legal control of the tragic star.

There has yet to be any date set for the court case, nor any word on what will happen to Amanda if she is found to be too mentally unstable to stand trial. More word on this story as it develops.

Amanda Bynes court blue wig
Amanda and her lawyer attend a New York court on 9 July