The Amanda Bynes saga continues as today saw actress Amanda Bynes arrested in New York for marijuana possession. According to a report by TMZ, police found the pot after they responded to a call about disorderly conduct by someone in Bynes’ building. The Hairspray actress was then taken away in handcuffs, with a messy, bleach blonde wig covering her face. According to TMZ’s source, the police got called, because of Bynes’ strange behavior. She wasn’t acting normally and was reportedly talking to herself – a symptom, which, if you’re familiar with the retired actress’s recent string of odd behavior, isn’t all that unexpected. Another rather disturbing part of the story claims that prior to her arrest, Bynes reportedly threw a bong out of her apartment window.

Amanda Bynes, Bristol Farms, LA
Amanda Bynes in 2011, before all the trouble started.

At least she went quietly though. The video by TMZ shows the star walking peacefully with the officers to the police car, not resisting at all. Whether the star has learned her lesson and decided to cooperate, or she was just too tired to put up a fight, her peaceful arrest should work in her favor in court. This comes after a week, blissfully free of news of Amanda Bynes’ odd behaviour. However, earlier this month, the star made a number of blunders, including a string of disturbing tweets, leaking nude pictures of herself and reportedly an incident during which she stole a bottle of hairspray out of a salon.

Amanda Bynes, MTV Movie Awards
The actress at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.