The M*A*S*H star Allan Arbus died on April 19, 2013, at the age of 95. The Guardian reports. Arbus played the role of the psychiatrist Major Sidney Freedman. His co-star Alan Alda credited Arbus’ dedicated approach to the role with helping both viewers and fellow actors to “believe some of the stresses our characters were under.”

For some time, Allan was married to the photographer Diane Arbus. Even after they split, they remained close, though Diane took her own life in 1971, two years after they split. He had met Diane after taking a job at a department store as a teenager; they shared a love of photography and he bought Diane her first camera. After the war, it was Diane’s father that had funded their ambition to open a photography studio, where they became successful fashion photographers. After they separated in 1959, Allan began taking acting lessons from Mira Rostova. His first, uncredited role came in Hey, Let’s Twist!  

Arbus went on to start in several movies and TV programmes yet it was M*A*S*H that came to define his career. His final TV appearance came in 2000, when he appeared in the Larry David comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm. He is survived by his second wife Mariclare Costello as well as their daughter Arin and his daghters Doon and Amy from his marriage to Diane.