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The Things They Say 12493

3rd June 2009

"I had to have tequila shots every night just to get to sleep. I'm not kidding!" Actress ALISON LOHMAN admits she suffered from nightmares after shooting horror scenes for new movie DRAG ME TO HELL.

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Lohman To Be Dragged To Hell

4th March 2008

LATEST: ALISON LOHMAN has been cast in SAM RAIMI's latest horror movie, after JUNO star ELLEN PAGE was forced to pull out due to scheduling conflicts. Filming on Drag Me To Hell, about a young...

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Lohman Grows Her Own Crops After Taking Gardening Classes

30th August 2007

Actress ALISON LOHMAN is so determined to eat healthily she has taken a horticulture class to learn how to grow her own organic crops. The White Oleander star now grows everything from carrots and peas...

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The Things They Say 5468

30th August 2007

"I'm not one of those girls who have a huge attachment to their hair." WHITE OLEANDER star ALISON LOHMAN, who once shaved her head and eyebrows for a film role....

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Tears Convinced Mcgraw To Star In Cowboy Movie

19th October 2006

Country star TIM MCGRAW was convinced to play a cowboy in new movie FLICKA when reading the film's script made him cry. The 39-year-old initially had no intention of making the stereotypical transition from country...

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Vanity Fairs Brings Hollywood Belles Together

4th February 2004

Glossy magazine VANITY FAIR brought the creme de la creme of Tinseltown's leading ladies together for their annual 2004 Hollywood issue. GWYNETH PALTROW, DIANE LANE, SALMA HAYEK, JENNIFER CONNELLY, JULIANNE MOORE, NAOMI WATTS, KIRSTEN...

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Lohman's Big Chop

11th August 2003

WHITE OLEANDER star ALISON LOHMAN missed out on a role in KEVIN COSTNER's eerie thriller DRAGONFLY, despite agreeing to have her prized "butt-length" long hair chopped off for the part. The young actress' scenes...

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