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Dave Franco And Alison Brie Are Engaged

Alison Brie Dave Franco

Congratulations are in order for former ‘Mad Men’ actress Alison Brie and her boyfriend Dave Franco who are now engaged. According to E! the couple have been dating since January of 2012, but like to keep their relationship private.

Alison BrieDave Franco and Alison Brie are engaged.

A rep for Brie confirmed the happy news to E! Online after the 32 year old actress was spotting wearing an engagement ring at a screening for her new film Sleeping With Other People in West Hollywood on Monday.

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Tribeca Film Festival 2015

Alison Brie - Tribeca Film Festival 2015 - A host of stars were photographed at the Tribeca Film Festival 2015 for the premiere of 'Sleeping With Other People' in New York, United States - Tuesday 21st April 2015

Alison Brie
Alison Brie

IWC Schaffhausen third annual 'For the Love of Cinema' dinner

Alison Brie - IWC Schaffhausen third annual 'For the Love of Cinema' dinner during Tribeca Film Festival at Spring Studios at Tribeca Film Festival - New York City, New York, United States - Thursday 16th April 2015

Alison Brie
Alison Brie

Get Hard Review


Audiences may be divided over whether this comedy crosses the line as it looks for laughs in racism and homophobia, but the cast and crew just manage to keep the movie's heart in the right place. At its core, this is another enjoyable bromance that uses cheap gags to keep the audience chuckling awkwardly. And even if the one joke requires a certain level of gay fear, the film has enough spark and personality to poke fun at what is clearly depicted as narrow-minded paranoia.

It opens in a ludicrously expansive Bel Air mansion, where naive investor James (Will Ferrell) lives with his shark-like fiancee Alissa (Alison Brie), daughter of his boss Martin (Craig T. Nelson). Then as he's performing a duet with John Mayer at his engagement party, the feds swoop in and arrest James for embezzlement. But his innocent plea is ignored, and the judge throws the book at him, sentencing him to 10 years at the notorious San Quentin Penitentiary. With 30 days before he has to report to jail, James hires his car valet Darnell (Kevin Hart) to toughen him up for life behind bars, assuming that because he's black Darnell must surely know something about prison life. Darnell needs the cash, so he plays along, turning to his gang-member cousin Russell (Tip "T.I." Harris) for some street cred.

The script adds some clever texture in Darnell's home life with his no-nonsense wife (Dickerson), who is bemused by the fact that her nice-guy husband is pretending to be a seasoned criminal. Like her, the audience is waiting for the sham to collapse hilariously around him, but the screenplay veers off in some unexpected directions that both increase the tension and push the humour closer to the edge. Even so, the movie's core issue is the gaping divide between obscene Westside wealth and the relative economic struggle in South Central. Although director Etan Cohen never takes any of this too seriously, milking every situation for maximum absurdity.

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Get Hard Trailer

James King (Will Ferrell) has been accused of tax evasion. He is sentenced to spend TIme in San Quentin State Prison, and knows for a fact that he will be unable to survive his time in prison. He hits upon the idea of getting help from his black friend Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart), who he believes has spent time in prison. Lewis has not, but does not want to turn down the money King is offering, so he agrees to make him ready for his time in jail by playing up to  every stereotype King expects of him.

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Michael Kors celebrates the launch of Claiborne Swanson Frank's Young Hollywood

Alison Brie - Stars attended the launch of Claiborne Swanson Frank's Young Hollywood from New York based fashion designer Michael Kors at a private residence in Beverly Hills, California, United States - Thursday 2nd October 2014

Alison Brie
Alison Brie

'Sleeping with Other People' film set

Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie - 'Sleeping with Other People' filming in Manhattan - Manhattan, New York, United States - Thursday 3rd July 2014

Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie
Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie
Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie
Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie
Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie

Good News, "Community" Fans! Season 6 Heading Your Way Courtesy Of Yahoo

Dan Harmon Joel McHale Gillian Jacobs Danny Pudi Alison Brie Ken Jeong Jim Rash

Yahoo!’s planned foray into long form digital content was met with some confusion when the appointed executive producers of the new projects Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) and Mike Tollin (Smallville) made the announcement at Digital Content NewFronts back in April. However, after a Community revival was announced as one of the first projects, viewers’ doubts seem to have been assuaged.

Community, Season 5 Artwork
Yahoo had the show's devoted fanbase in mind, when acquiring the rights.

The deal was announced earlier this week, with creator Dan Harmon saying in a statement: . "I am very pleased that Community will be returning for its predestined sixth season on Yahoo. I look forward to bringing our beloved NBC sitcom to a larger audience by moving it online."

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Mad Men Season 7 Premiere - Alison Brie, Jessica Pare, Christina Hendricks [Pictures]

Jon Hamm Elisabeth Moss Vincent Kartheiser January Jones Christina Hendricks Jessica Pare John Slattery Alison Brie Teyonah Parris

The season 7 premiere of Mad Men was attended by the whole cast as they celebrated the final series of the long running drama.

Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm at the season 7 premiere of Mad Men.

The period drama which focusses on a New York advertising agency and executive Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has aired since 2007 but the network behind the hit show, AMC, announced last year the seventh series would be the last. 

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Season 7 premiere of 'Mad Men' - Arrivals

Alison Brie - Season 7 premiere of the Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning drama 'Mad Men' held at ArcLight Cinemas - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Alison Brie
Alison Brie

The Lego Movie Review


Inventive visuals and a seriously deranged script make this animated adventure far more enjoyable than we expect, especially as it brings out the childish creativity in everyone watching. Filmmakers Lord and Miller are experts at finding offbeat comedy in the most surprising places (see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs or 21 Jump Street). And this movie is often jaw-droppingly entertaining.

It's set in a Lego city where construction worker Emmet (voiced by Pratt) follows instructions to the letter. Like everyone else, he has been lulled into complacency by President Business (Ferrell), whose inanely catchy pop songs (the insanely hummable Everything Is Awesome!) and mindless TV shows (Where Are My Pants?) keep people from thinking creatively. He's also concocting an insidious plan involving a secret weapon called the Kragle. Then Emmet inadvertently discovers the Piece of Resistance and is declared "The Special" by the underground rebel alliance led by Wyldstyle (Banks) and Vitruvius (Freeman). With help from Batman (Arnett), a patched-up pirate (Offerman) and a groovy kitty (Brie), they go off-grid to save their civilisation, pursued by the president's vicious enforcer (Neeson).

As the story spirals from the city to the Wild West and Cloud Cuckoo Land, it develops an insane, free-wheeling tone that can't help but spark our imaginations. And the sassy 3D animation adds to this by evoking surreal stop-motion classics like Gumby or The Magic Roundabout while referencing other movies and playing merrily with iconic characters. Hill, Smulders and Tatum turn up as a trio of frustrated superheroes, while Daniels and Williams offer a bit of Star Wars silliness. All of the vocal cast members dive into their characters with energy, bringing out the warped humour and pulling us into the action and even some emotional moments.

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Emilia Clarke Voted 'Most Desirable Woman' By AskMen, Miley Cyrus Is 99th

Emilia Clarke Miley Cyrus Alison Brie Jennifer Lawrence Emma Watson Emily Ratajkowski

Emilia Clarke has been voted AskMen's "Most Desirable Woman" of 2014 ahead of the season four premiere of HBO's hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones. The British-born actress plays Daenerys Targaryan, or the "mother of dragons," in the show and is famed for her elf-like, ethereal beauty.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke Has Been Rated The World's 'Most Desirable Woman' By AskMen.

"No other show has as devoted a fanbase as Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke may be known for her role as Daenerys Targaryan, but to viewers the otherworldly beauty is everything," says AskMen, justifying Clarke's enviable number one position. "Mark our words: this will be her year," the men's mag predicts.

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Colorful, Chaotic And Chock-Full Of Pop Culture, "The LEGO Movie" Hits Theaters Today

Will Arnett Elizabeth Banks Alison Brie

The Lego Movie doesn’t sound like something that could possibly be good and yet, here it is, defying all expectations and being actually great entertainment. Set up as a dizzying mashup of story and pop culture references (the way most kids actually play with their toys,) this supposedly kids movie is clearly geared equally (if not more) towards adults – not in the “wink wink nudge nudge” way that most kids movies have of peppering the script with the occasional gag for adults, but as a full-fledged, interesting story for grownups that’s bound to keep most kids happy as well.

Lego Gathering Still
To all those who expected this to be terrible: it isn't.

The Lego Movie is set in a dystopian universe run by the evil President Business. Everyone follows a detailed set of instructions on how to live their lives, they buy ridiculously overpriced coffee. The top song in the charts is called Everything Is Awesome, which should tell you hot terrible this world really is. We follow Emmett Brickowski (get it?) a construction worker, who, despite being completely happy with the whole government arrangement, gets dragged into a rebellion plot and put at the head of the Master Buildres’ uprising. There’s a prophecy, you see, and it says he has to do it.

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Trailer For 'Community' Season Five Hits The Web [Video]

Dan Harmon Joel McHale Danny Pudi Donald Glover Alison Brie Jonathan Banks John Oliver Vince Gilligan

Community will at last be back on our screens in the new year and to celebrate the long-awaited return of the Greendale Seven (whose numbers have admittedly declined since the start of the show) an all-new trailer has been released by NBC. Marking the return of series creator Dan Harmon to the helm, the new trailer is a cinematic feast, coming across more as a movie trailer than a promo for a television series.

Dan HarmonJoel McHale
Dan Harmon and Joel McHale both make their welcome returns to Greendale Community College

It seems as though Joel McHale's Jeff Winger has finally been able to reignite his law career after spending four years at the community college, only for it all to come crashing down as soon as he could get things moving again. The pop culture references are right here just as you would expect, with Abed (Danny Pudi) comparing Winger's return to Greendale with season nine of Scrubs, posing, "It could be like Scrubs season nine - a revamp, a do-over."

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The Kings of Summer Review


This is the kind of American independent comedy-drama that restores our faith in the cinema, combining a talented cast, witty direction and a razor-sharp script to reboot the coming-of-age genre. It's an original approach that completely wins us over; even the film's slightly too-wacky touches are genuinely hilarious. And it's all grounded in realistic characters we can identify with, especially when they're in amusingly awkward situations.

The story centres on Joe (Robinson), a teen who is fed up with the way his widowed father Frank (Offerman) takes out his grief on anyone at hand. Joe's sister (Brie) has already escaped, moving in with her goofy boyfriend (Cordero), and now that school has let out for the summer, Joe decides to build a bolt-hole in the woods. He finds a collaborator in his best pal Patrick (Basso), whose inane parents (Mullally and Jackson) are so annoying that he has broken out in hives. Then Biaggio (Arias), a strange kid no one really knows, joins them to build a secret cabin where no one can find them. And they love this independent lifestyle so much that they never want summer to end.

Along the way, the film takes a wonderfully honest look at the horrors of adolescence. Joe's and Patrick's parents always say the most embarrassing things imaginable, so getting away from them is like a blast of freedom. And there's a very strong female lead in Kelly (Moriarty), the girl Joe fantasises about even though she has eyes for other boys. Robinson and Basso are excellent in the lead roles, playing characters we can easily identify with and root for. Arias is hilarious as the rather ridiculous Biaggio, making the most of a role that's perhaps the film's only false note: he's just too nutty to be believable.

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