Director Linda Mendoza's debut film, Chasing Papi, works like this: The movie's three gorgeous Latina leads are dating the same hunky guy, whom they affectionately call Papi (Eduardo Verástegui)--but you already know this from the movie trailer. The women are going to bump into one another at Papi's house in Los Angeles--but you already know this from the horoscope that gets read during the movie's first 15 minutes. For some reason, Papi is going to be unconscious for most of the movie--which you've already figured out from the extended shot of the scotch he just used to chase down a handful of tranquilizers. And finally, the women are going to end up fighting over him and eventually learning something about themselves in the process--which you know because, well, this is what passes for comedy these days.

As if this wasn't enough, there's another plotline running through the movie. To get to Los Angeles in the first place, one of the women, Cici (Sofía Vergara), offers to drive her friend's boyfriend's car from Miami to Hollywood, where it is to be delivered to two guys in a parking lot. Sure enough, the two guys turn out to be criminals of some unspecified sort who get angry when they can't find a bag of cash that was stashed in the car. The FBI gets thrown into the mix and, apparently, fun and laughs are supposed to ensue.

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