Former LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE star Alison Arngrim has revealed she was molested as a child after plucking up the courage to go public about her three-year ordeal.

The actress, who played NELLIE OLESON for seven years in the hit series, was inspired to tell all to CNN host Larry King recently after watching MARIE OSMOND's tearful child rape revelations on his chat show.

Arngrim says, "I was very inspired by it (Osmond's story) and felt that if I'm going to talk about this, here is probably the best place to do it."

The actress, now 41, said she was raped between the ages of six and nine, and her molester, who she refuses to name, only stopped when she told him she knew what he was doing was wrong and she threatened to tell the police.

She says, "The worst part is the bizarre brain-washing. The person is their slave, so they engage in normal conversation - but there's nothing normal about it at all.

"A child who is being sexually molested is being turned into a 30-year-old woman being battered by her husband. You think, 'Maybe he's ill and if I'm kind to him, he'll get better and stop doing this.'

"I cried all the time. I begged not to be left alone with people, especially this person."

Arngrim is now one of the leading activists for America's National Association to Protect Children.

06/05/2004 01:55