Alien Ant Farm's MIKE COSGROVE felt sure he was bleeding to death in the bus crash that left a pal dead and singer DRYDEN MITCHELL fighting for his life.

The drummer was involved in the traumatic accident last year (MAY02), which threatened to end the group, and he's thankful that his injuries amounted to just a neck sprain.

But for a few moments Cosgrove feared it was much, much worse.

He explains, "I was laying there, just kind of scared to even touch anything, to feel if there was something stuck in me or whatever.

"I remember I got all the way down to my knee , and I just felt, like, this slimy, warm stuff. I was like, 'Aw, no! This is either from me, or from somebody else.'

"What happened was, we went to McDONALD'S right before the accident and there was a sundae in the back of the bus."

But Mitchell faced months of therapy after being paralysed in the crash. Now fully recovered, the singer admits he knew his injuries were serious.

He adds, "TY (ZAMORA)'s bass tech comes up to me and goes, 'Dude, you're bleeding out of your ear.'

"I couldn't move my toes, nothing. All I could do was move my eyes and I'm trying to look at my ear. I'm just like, 'Oh, s**t.'"

Guitarist TERRY CORSO admits the group are terrified of stepping on a tourbus again: "None of us have slept in a bunk yet."

10/08/2003 21:07