Alicia Silverstone will raise her son on a "plant-based" diet.

The actress and her husband Christopher Jarecki are both vegan and plan to only introduce animal product-free foods to two-month-old Bear Blu when he is old enough for solid food.

She said: "Bear was grown on vegan food and we'll continue nourishing him with a healthy diet.

"He'll be eating an organic plant-based diet. I intend to take great care of his precious new baby body so I'm committed to giving him nothing but the purest and most healthy food possible.

"We want to keep his immune system strong so that he'll be super healthy - which is just one of the many reasons he will eat vegan."

The 'Clueless' star credits her healthy diet for her "smooth" pregnancy and labour.

She added to Britain's OK! magazine: "I feel amazing. I'm so in love with my little man. He's so delicious I can't stand it.

"I thank God that my organic, plant-based diet made every step of pregnancy, birth and these first weeks of Bear's life go so smooth and lovely."