Alicia Keys' Set the World on Fire tour is her ''best'' yet.

The 32-year-old singer - who is currently on the European leg of her fifth concert tour - is ecstatic about how the performances have been going and having lots of fun while on stage.

She said: ''This is definitely my best tour. I love the way the show goes. It has a beautiful evolution. It grows and gets big then comes back small then ends really big, it feels like an emotional musical experience. I'm having a lot of fun out here in Europe - I've never had this much fun.''

The 'Girl On Fire' hitmaker doesn't write a lot of songs while on tour as she needs space, peace and quiet to concentrate in.

She added to NRJ radio: ''I'm inspired more visually. I'm inspired by the way that I feel a connection to different places in the world. I don't write a lot because the schedule is hectic and I don't have that kind of quiet peace to really get in and start writing. I see people, places energy sounds I hear music and things so it's a nice way to rev up when I go home and start writing.''

Alicia will perform at Finland's Flow Festival on August 9 before completing her European stops at Sweden's Way Out West Festival on August 10.