Alicia Keys admits her exercise regime often leaves her in agony.

The 'Empire State of Mind' singer works hard to maintain her figure and while she is reaping the benefits, she admits trainer Josh Zitomer's 'Ab Test' stretches her.

She said: "I can't even describe it, it's so awful."

Although she's not a fan of that particular routine, Alicia loves running, saying: "It makes me feel strong and builds my mind strength."

But the 30-year-old beauty admits she won't let exercise take over her life and still indulges in some unhealthy treats now and then.

She said: "My advice would be, don't overdo it. Do what feels natural, because a little bit consistently will make you more productive than barely doing a lot. And stay motivated, do new things. It'll stay fresh and fun.

"When I want to indulge, I'll have delicious, warm soft bread. I can't have dairy so it limits a lot of what I can indulge in."