Forget Chris Brown and Drake, or Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, or Rick Ross and most gangs; there’s a new rivalry in the rap world. Jay-Z’s got beef with a 2-year-old.

The trouble kicked off when Egypt Dean, 2, kissed Blue Ivy, 1, which annoyed her father Jay-Z, 43. "We'll get together and meet there [at the Knowles-Carter house] and like hang out and the kids will hang out and I think Egypt kissed Blue ... and I don't think Jay liked it very much," Keys joked. "He called my husband [Swizz Beatz] and he was like, 'Umm ... watch your son,'” Alicia Keys recalled as she appeared on US TV series The Wendy Williams Show on Monday. It would appear Jay Z is simply protecting his daughter, while Egypt is forging a reputation as somewhat of a ladies’ man. Watch out world, Egypt has arrived.

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It’s all a big joke, though, of course. The superstar friends were just enjoying a touch of kid-banter. They also can’t stop talking about their kids either… "He's so adorable," Keys, 32, said of her son. "I can't even tell you how big of a basketball fan he is, you can't believe it. Like, he knows the whole starting lineup, he can say their numbers, he can say their names and at night, he has a special song for Melo [Carmelo Anthony] that he sings. And J.R. Smith. It's very cute."

Alicia Keys and Swiss Beats at The Grammys 2013

Alicia Keys and Swiss Beats at The Grammys 2013

In other Keys news, the singer is set to take her tour to Isreal’s capital, Tel Aviv, where she’ll perform at the Nokia Arena on July 4th. “I’m excited to go to new places on this tour, among them Tel Aviv. I plan on bringing with me a show full of emotion and inspiration,” Keys said in a released statement (via The Times of Isreal).