Alicia Keys had U2 frontman Bono 'shaking' in his boots when the two superstars met at the premiere of Showtime documentary 'Keep a Child Alive'. Also famous for her humanitarian activities, Alicia Keys has spoken out about making a huge impact on the lives of millions.
Talking at the premiere, Bono stated: 'I was terrified the moment I met her. I was shaking in my boots. I was very moved by her singing of course, but what was interesting were the hard questions afterwards, and I think it's those hard questions that she asks that lead her.' Keys recently donated her efforts to the documentary which focuses on children who battle with HIV and AIDS. The documentary follows Keys and five adults, who were chosen by texting Keys the word that best describes how they feel about Africa, as they visit the funded areas in South Africa to see how much a difference has been made on the lives of those affected with the disease. Talking to CNN, Keys said: 'I want people to feel like you can do something about this epidemic, and that you understand it because you find a place inside yourself that connects to the love of another human being. A lot of times we feel like things going on in the world are so big and so massive and untouchable, and think, 'What can we do, and how can we do anything.' I think that when we see it from human to human . you will feel empowered and angered.'
Keys has recently shifted onto RCA Records after J Records, along with Arista Records and Jive Records, were all disbanded in October (2011).