Alicia Keys keeps her Grammy Awards in a box because she can't think what to do with them.

The 31-year-old singer has picked up 14 of the prestigious gongs throughout her career, but is still unsure where to put them as nowhere in her house seems quite right.

She said: ''I just haven't found the place for them, I guess. Like, they can't be in a bathroom, that's just wrong.

''They can't be in the main living area, because that's way too self-serving - like, relax.

''I'm proud of them, don't get me wrong. I just feel weird about hanging them. Maybe I can hang them on top of somewhere that you can't quite see, but gets dusted once in a while.''

Alicia best make a decision soon as she's likely to be short of time because she's recently taken up martial arts, after watching the latest Batman film.

She told Details magazine: ''I'm very close to beginning to study martial arts. I saw 'The Dark Knight' and I said, 'I must be able to kick ass like that, period.'

''I'm going to do it! I'm so excited.''