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Shep Gordon Trusts Mike Myers

19th July 2014

Shep Gordon ''trusted'' Mike Myers to retell his life story because he is such a ''good friend''.The veteran music manager helped promote a number of huge acts during his career - including Alice Cooper, Teddy...

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Lady Gaga's Dog Dies

30th October 2013

Lady Gaga's dog has died. The 27-year-old star is mourning the loss of her family pet Alice, who had to be put down after getting seriously ill with cancer.Gaga is currently in the UK promoting...

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Berry To Play Racist In New Movie

18th April 2008

Oscar winner HALLE BERRY is set for her most harrowing film role to date - she'll play a Caucasian racist in FRANKIE + ALICE. The actress will portray a black woman struggling with a multiple...

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Fascinating Fact 4908

25th February 2008

British actor TOM WILKINSON's daughter ALICE wore her prom dress to the Oscars. She was her nominated father's date for the evening.

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Cage Wanted To Name Baby Kyle

13th February 2007

NICOLAS CAGE wanted to name his new baby son KYLE, but chose the name KAL-EL after his wife ALICE decided they should select something more exotic. The couple decided the name, which is derived from...

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I Love Lucy Co-creator Carroll Dies

31st January 2007

I LOVE LUCY co-creator and writer BOB CARROLL JR died Saturday (27JAN07) in Los Angeles following a brief illness. He was 87. Carroll created the classic sitcom starring LUCILLE BALL and her then-husband DESI ARNAZ...

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Stars Dress Up For Disney

26th January 2007

BEYONCE, SCARLETT JOHANSSON and LYLE LOVETT are bringing the magic of Disneyland and Disney World to life in a series of arty new ads, snapped by celebrity photographer ANNIE LEIBOVITZ. The acclaimed photographer persuaded a...

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Beckhams Hand Over Gbp4,000 So Girl Can Sleep

24th October 2006

Kind-hearted couple DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM have handed over GBP4,000 ($7,200) to buy a special bed so a six-year-old girl with a rare medical condition can sleep at night. JOANNE LEE was desperate to buy...

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Tagore Humbled By Aids Orphan

18th August 2006

Indian film legend SHARMILA TAGORE was humbled when she met a 12-year-old AIDS orphan in Uganda, who was bringing up her five siblings alone. The MISSISSIPPI MASALA actress, 59, visited the African nation last year...

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Cage Buys Island

19th May 2006

Hollywood actor NICOLAS CAGE has bought a second island in the Bahamas, after selling his luxury Malibu, California, home for nearly $10 million (GBP5.5 million). Cage spent a reported $3 million (GBP1.6 million) on the...

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Jovovich Signs Up For Resident Evil 3

10th February 2006

Hollywood beauty MILLA JOVOVICH will return to zombie slaying when she begins filming the third installment in the RESIDENT EVIL franchise in April (06). The 30-year-old actress will reprise her role as ALICE in...

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Jolie To Star With Manson?

2nd February 2006

LATEST: Shock rocker MARILYN MANSON has offered mum-to-be ANGELINA JOLIE a part in his new movie. The controversial musician is set to write, direct and star in PHANTASMAGORA: THE VISIONS OF LEWIS CARROLL....

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Gilmour Slammed For 'Tough Love'

29th November 2005

Charitable PINK FLOYD guitarist DAVID GILMOUR has been blasted by his ex-wife for refusing to give his children financial help. The father-of-four is famed for his philanthropy, donating $6.3 million (GBP3.5 million) to homeless...

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Cage Chose Kal-el 'Magical Ring'

25th October 2005

Hollywood actor NICOLAS CAGE decided to call his baby son KAL-EL because he believes the name has a "magical ring" to it. Cage, 41, and his 21-year-old wife ALICE welcomed the arrival of their...

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Crowe Found Mother's Acting 'Immediately Embarrassing'

17th October 2005

Film-maker CAMERON CROWE had doubts about casting his mother ALICE in his latest movie ELIZABETHTOWN because he didn't want her harassing SUSAN SARANDON. Crowe - who wrote, directed and produced the movie - regularly...

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Falk Keen Not To Repeat 1961 Oscars Embarrassment

23rd August 2005

COLUMBO star PETER FALK is well prepared for next year's Academy Awards (06) after he embarrassed himself at his Oscars debut in 1961. The actor felt so humiliated when he stood as PETER USTINOV's...

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Billy Bob's Rude Bird

24th July 2005

BILLY BOB THORNTON has to be careful who he invites into his Hollywood home because his clever mynah bird will pick up anything his guests say. The movie star admits his pet, ALICE, can...

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Gellar Heads To Wonderland

22nd June 2005

Former BUFFY star SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR has moved on from slaying vampires to becoming the Queen of Hearts in a new movie adaptation of ALICE IN WONDERLAND. The actress will star in ALICE, a...

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Bridges And Tilly Play Addicts

7th June 2005

JEFF BRIDGES and JENNIFER TILLY were forced to leave vanity at home for their latest movie roles - because they play haggard drug addicts. Bridges has re-teamed with his FABULOUS BAKER BOYS co-star to...

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Pavarotti Returning To Italy After Neck Surgery

23rd March 2005

Opera superstar LUCIANO PAVAROTTI quietly underwent surgery on his neck in New York City over the weekend (19/20MAR05). Pavarotti was admitted to Lenox Hill Hospital on 19 March (05) for surgery to repair two...

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Law And Owen's Pole Dancing Lessons

13th January 2005

Brit actors JUDE LAW and CLIVE OWEN were so impressed by their CLOSER co-star NATALIE PORTMAN's pole-dancing in the film, they decided to try the exotic routines themselves. While preparing for her role as...

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Attenborough Mourns Granddaughter

29th December 2004

British movie legend LORD ATTENBOROUGH's 14-year-old granddaughter LUCY has been killed by the horrific tsunami that struck Asia on Boxing Day (26DEC04). Oscar winner Attenborough's daughter, JANE HOLLAND, 49, and her mother-in-law, also called...

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Tyler's Nose Tells Her The Sex Of Her Baby

5th December 2004

Pregnant actress LIV TYLER has unveiled the physical alteration that's left her convinced her baby's a girl - her nose has broadened. The sexy LORD OF THE RINGS beauty spoke of her...

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Fanning Eyed For Alice In Wonderland Role

27th August 2004

I AM SAM star DAKOTA FANNING is favourite to take on the starring role in adaptations of LEWIS CARROLL's classic novels ALICE IN WONDERLAND and THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. Writer LES BOHEM came up...

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Gruffudd The Patriot

3rd August 2004

KING ARTHUR star IOAN GRUFFUDD is so proud of his Welsh heritage he takes the country's red lion flag with him wherever he goes. The Cardiff-born actor, who is dating his 102 DALMATIONS co-star...

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Julia + Natalie Rude Gifts

24th June 2004

JULIA ROBERTS and NATALIE PORTMAN exchanged rude gifts on the set of their new film CLOSER - necklaces with the words 'C**t' and 'Lil C**t' on them. Portman admits she came up with the...

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Baldwin's Glimpse Of Strained Allen + Farrow Romance

31st May 2004

ALEC BALDWIN had a rare insight into MIA FARROW and WOODY ALLEN's strained romance while making 1990's ALICE with them. Years before the couple split and Allen began a romance with Farrow's adopted daughter...

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Why Paltrow Called Baby Apple

19th May 2004

Hollywood star GWYNETH PALTROW has announced she named her new baby APPLE after her husband CHRIS MARTIN's agent's child. The celebrity pair got the idea for the name from the COLDPLAY rocker's North American...

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Campion Takes A Sabbatical

8th March 2004

THE PIANO director JANE CAMPION is planning to take a break from film-making. The Australian film-maker has decided to concentrate on being a mother to daughter ALICE, nine, following the release of the MEG...

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Moby's Close Shave With Bush Twins

12th February 2004

MOBY was relieved when he narrowly avoided being seated with American president GEORGE W BUSH's daughters at a recent fashion show - because he was wearing a Bush-bashing pin. The dance star - wearing...

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