Golf-loving Alice Cooper has outed fellow rockers Metallica and Pantera as big fans of the game.
The School's Out hitmaker is one of the world's best and most unlikely celebrity golfers and he insists the sport is the perfect way to alleviate the boredom of touring.
And now he has revealed his hobby is common among some of rock's wildest bands - outing Metallica and Pantera as regulars on the fairways.
Cooper tells The Independent Magazine, "Every heavy metal band I know now plays golf. Pantera play. In Metallica, two of the guys play. Almost every band I know does. Because, when you're on the road, in some small town like Wichita, what else is there to do?
"If you are a musician, it ends up being a really strange addiction. There's something really satisfying about it. Almost like a drug. If you make a great shot, it feels like taking a great hit."