Alice Cooper dresses as an insurance salesman for Halloween.

The shock rocker is known for his outrageous wardrobe but he likes to dress down on the annual spooky day today (31.10.12) as it is a much more unexpected guise for him.

He said: ''I dress as an insurance salesman for Halloween. That's the one night where I don't have to dress up.''

The 'Poison' hitmaker used to have a fondness for dressing as superhero Zorro.

He told Q magazine: ''When I was a kid, I don't think I was every anything but Zorro. When you see all the black onstage and the sword, there's still a little Zorro left in Alice Cooper.''

Despite his outrageous antics, there is one thing Alice will never do - swear.

He said: ''I accidentally swore one time when talking to my parents on the phone and felt really bad about it.

''I was out in LA, f-ing this and f-ing that. I was living in the rock world where that word became normal.

''Now I never use it. Ever. I think it was because I said it to my mom. ''It was just a remark about spaghetti or something, f-ing spaghetti - and my dad said, 'Hey!' That cured me of it right there.''