Alice Cooper has offered Johnny Depp the chance to shake off his recent romance woes on the road.
The School's Out rocker has extended an open invitation to his actor pal to join him on tour after Depp impressed him during a cameo at a Cooper show in London last year (11).
The rock star says, "Johnny came to Hollywood to play guitar. He didn't come as an actor at all... I always say to him, 'If you really want to go out on tour, let me know and you can come with us.' I wouldn't be surprised if he did."
And a rocking tour might be just what Depp needs to give him a boost after splitting from longtime partner Vanessa Paradis earlier this summer (12).
He has been showing off his musical skills quite a bit in recent months - he joined Marilyn Manson in the studio to record a new version of Carly Simon's You're So Vain and he performed with the Black Keys at the 2012 Mtv Movie Awards.