With a stage show comprising guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, boa constrictors, and baby dolls, we think Alice Cooper has the right to decide if a band is wimpy or not.

“More bands need to have the attitude of Foo Fighters and Green Day, really get up and actually do a show', he says in the video above. “Too many wimpy bands out there, I'm gonna pull the wimp out of them!”

He was talking about these so-called rock bands from the Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. The star was part of the event's Metal Mania, Presidents Day 2013 where he and fellow rockers Mike Portnoy and Jordan Rudess teamed together to show event goers how rock is done and jam with their devoted fans.

Perhaps these bands should pick up a copy of Louder Than Hell – the ‘definitive oral history of metal' – which Cooper fully endorses. “If you love metal, great stories, and music history told by the people who made it, then ‘Louder than Hell’ is a must-read,” enthused Cooper back on Valentines day when the book was released.

Cooper shows no signs of relent even as he officially enters old age. The ancient rocker enjoyed (or endured) his 65th birthday earlier this month.