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Fascinating Fact: 4008990

2nd January 2014

Rockers Alice Cooper, Richie Sambora, Steven Tyler and Sammy Hagar rang in 2014 in style in Maui, by performing together with The Doobie Brothers at a charity gig. The supergroup was joined by Weird Al...

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Alice Cooper Cancels Charity Show

15th November 2013

Veteran rocker Alice Cooper has been forced to cancel an upcoming charity concert because of a scheduling conflict.The School's Out hitmaker was due to hit the stage with his son Dash Cooper and his band...

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Alice Cooper Eyes Spider-man Role

4th October 2013

Veteran rocker Alice Cooper is reportedly set to hit the Broadway stage in Bono's Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.The School's Out hitmaker is in negotiations with the show's producers to play the character of Green...

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Alice Cooper Axes Idaho Concert

28th September 2013

Veteran rocker Alice Cooper has scrapped an upcoming concert in Idaho after falling out with gig promoters.The School's Out hitmaker, 65, was booked to play at the Civic Auditorium in November (13), but the date...

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Mike Myers Making Directorial Debut With Supermensch

23rd July 2013

Mike Myers is to make his directorial debut with documentary 'Supermensch'.The 'Austin Powers' actor will step behind the camera for the first time with the film, which chronicles the life of talent manager Shep Gordon.The...

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Alice Cooper: Mumford + Sons Aren't Rock 'N' Roll

15th July 2013

Alice Cooper thinks Mumford & Sons are an ''offence'' to rock 'n' roll.The veteran 'School's Out' musician thinks the folk band are an embarrassment to rock as they are far too conformist with their clean-cut...

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Alice Cooper Thanks Johnny Depp For Creating Harmony On Marilyn Manson Tour

14th July 2013

Alice Cooper has publicly thanked Johnny Depp for helping him put together a successful tour with Marilyn Manson by convincing the younger shock rocker to tone down the drama.The School's Out hitmaker admits he had...

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Eric Mccormack To Play Golf With Alice Cooper

25th June 2013

Rocker Alice Cooper is set to form an unlikely golfing alliance with actor Eric Mccormack after the former Will & Grace star's wife purchased the charity experience for his 50th birthday.The Tv star celebrated the...

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Alice Cooper Hands Out Cash At Concert

7th June 2013

Rock veteran Alice Cooper ensured dozens of his fans were in the money at a concert on Thursday (06Jun13) by handing out 100-dollar bills from the stage.The School's Out hitmaker was performing a show at...

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Alice Cooper Turned Down Raquel Welch

8th April 2013

Rocker Alice Cooper turned down the amorous advances of screen siren Raquel Welch, according to his longtime guitarist Dick Wagner.Wagner has written a book about his time in the music industry, playing with greats such...

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Alice Cooper Turned Down Romance With Raquel Welch

8th April 2013

Alice Cooper once turned down Raquel Welch's advances. The 'Hey Stoopid' rocker was approached by the actress - most famous for her racy role as a sexy cavewoman in 1966 film 'One Million Years B.C.'...

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Alice Cooper Offers Fan Round Of Golf For $10,000

26th March 2013

Alice Cooper fans have been offered the chance to play a round of golf with the shock rocker for a $10,000 (£6,250) donation towards a new comic book project.The School's Out singer has offered to...

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The Things They Say: 3574044

25th March 2013

"We did some writing together back in the 80s for a movie and it happened to be at (manager) Shep Gordon's house, which was one of the most haunted houses ever... We both ran out...

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Alice Cooper: 'Jim Morrison & Amy Winehouse Were Destined To Die Young'

15th March 2013

Alice Cooper is convinced he survived rock 'n' roll excess because he wasn't doomed to become part of the Forever 27 club, and always knew when it was time to stop partying.The School's Out singer...

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Alice Cooper To Record Classic Rock Covers Album As Tribute To Former Drinking Pals

14th March 2013

School's Out rocker Alice Cooper is planning an album of covers so he can pay tribute to his heroes.Cooper reveals he came up with the idea while saluting his former drinking buddies like Keith Moon,...

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Alice Cooper First Met Marilyn Manson At Transylvania Festival

13th March 2013

Shock rockers Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper came up with the idea of touring together after a chance meeting at a festival in Transylvania.The two stars will hit the road in North America in June...

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Alice Cooper: 'Justin Bieber Should Let His Fans See Him Vomit Onstage'

13th March 2013

Alice Cooper has offered Justin Bieber some sick advice - never turn your back on fans to vomit.The old rocker, who incorporates theatre and gore in his live shows, insists Bieber has a lot to...

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Fascinating Fact: 3551624

12th March 2013

Shock rockers Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson are teaming up to tour North America this summer (13). The two rockers will hit the road for the Masters of Madness: Shock Therapy Tour 2013 in Salt...

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Alice Cooper Concert Proceeds To Benefit Snake Centre

4th March 2013

Alice Cooper is donating a portion of profits from an upcoming show in Switzerland to a struggling reptile zoo.The rock legend, who frequently appears onstage in the U.S. with his beloved albino pet python Alice,...

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Alice Cooper's Concert Cruise Cancelled

19th February 2013

Alice Cooper's Halloween concert cruise has been cancelled due to slow ticket sales.The rock legend had been due to set sail on The Ship of Fear Cruise from Miami, Florida to the Bahamas on 28...

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Alice Cooper Bemoans The “Wimpy Bands” (Video)

By Jack de Aguilar | 18th February 2013

With a stage show comprising guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, boa constrictors, and baby dolls, we think Alice Cooper has the right to decide if a band is wimpy or not.“More bands need to have...

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Dee Snider Is Roasted By Rocker Pals For Charity

29th January 2013

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider was roasted by rockers Gene Simmons and Alice Cooper in the name of charity on Thursday night (24Jan13).The star helped raise money for MusiCares by serving as the butt of...

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Rock Star's Dementia Cured: Dick Wagner Is Back In The Music Business

By Hayley Avron | 17th January 2013

Dick Wagner, the rock star’s dementia was a mystery to him, until doctors managed to find a cure for it and get him back in tune with his guitar playing. Dick Wagner is best known...

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Alice Cooper And Steven Tyler Play Charity Show In Hawaii

2nd January 2013

Alice Cooper and Steven Tyler teamed up for a New Year's Eve (31Dec12) show in Hawaii to raise money for charity.The two rockers performed an intimate gig at the Mala Restaurant in Maui, which is...

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Surprise! Johnny Depp Makes Impromptu Appearance Onstage With Alice Cooper

By Hayley Avron | 3rd December 2012

Johnny Depp appears to be forging a new career for himself as ‘surprise guitarist’ for some of the world’s biggest rock artists.OK, so we have scant evidence on which to be basing this claim but...

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Johnny Depp Takes Up Alice Cooper's Offer To Play Onstage

30th November 2012

Johnny Depp finally took up Alice Cooper's offer to join the rocker's band on Thursday night (29Nov12) at a show in Los Angeles.The School's Out singer has often praised the actor for his guitar skills...

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Stars Donate Guitars To Ronnie James Dio Charity Auction

21st November 2012

Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper and Slash are among the stars who have donated signed guitars to a charity auction in memory of late rocker Ronnie James Dio.The former Black Sabbath singer passed away in...

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Guns N' Roses Played Their Way Out Of Poverty

1st November 2012

Duff McKagan says Guns N' Roses had to ''play their way out'' of the Los Angeles club scene. The legendary rockers' former bassist remembers a time in the early 80s when the group were poor...

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Alice Cooper: 'I'm A Golf Cheat'

31st October 2012

Veteran rocker Alice Cooper has confessed he regularly cheats at golf - and he's outed celebrity pals including former U.S. President Bill Clinton and tycoon Donald Trump for also bending the rules on the links.The...

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Kesha Sent Bloody Knife By Fan

31st October 2012

Ke$ha was sent a bloody knife accompanied with a death threat by a deranged fan.The 'Die Young' singer received the chilling package in the mail and although she tried to shrug it off she admits...

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