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Stones Convinced Cooper To Become Controversial

17th August 2006

ALICE COOPER insists seeing THE ROLLING STONES on the ED SULLIVAN SHOW when he was younger convinced him to become a rebellious rocker. The SCHOOL'S OUT singer is currently opening for the band during some...

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Cooper Aids Iggy's Mission For Mutilation

17th August 2006

ALICE COOPER inadvertently aided rocker IGGY POP in his quest for self-mutilation when he supplied him with a switchblade from a trip overseas. The SCHOOL'S out singer didn't think twice about his old friend's request...

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Cooper: 'It's All An Act'

9th August 2006

ALICE COOPER insists his hellraiser persona is a far cry from his real role in life, because he'd much rather spend time with his kids than rock out on stage. The legendary rocker, has been...

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Alice Cooper To Help Wayward Kids

1st August 2006

Shock rocker ALICE COOPER is to open a recreation centre for troubled youngsters. The legendary hellraiser, now a born-again Christian, is raising $3 million (GBP1.6 million) for the facility which will be named The Rock...

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Moon's French Maid Shocker

28th July 2006

Late THE WHO drummer KEITH MOON entertained his fellow rockers by donning female fancy dress and startling them with his bizarre costumes. Hellraiser ALICE COOPER reveals his former pal's cross-dressing tendencies on new show ALICE...

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The Things They Say 2411

10th July 2006

"The best book I've read is the Bible. I read it every day." Despite his reputation, rocker ALICE COOPER is a huge fan of the Christian book.

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Fascinating Fact 1730

6th July 2006

Rocker ALICE COOPER is set to play himself as a murder suspect in an upcoming episode of quirky US detective drama MONK.

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Princes Join Cooper On The Golf Course

2nd June 2006

British royals PRINCE WILLIAM and PRINCE HARRY have been approached to play golf alongside rock hellraiser ALICE COOPER in this year's (06) Pro-Am celebrity tournament. Last year (05), golf fanatics CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, MICHAEL DOUGLAS, ROBBIE...

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Berry's New Craze

27th May 2006

Hollywood actress HALLE BERRY has a new hobby - golf. The Ohio-born star said requests from fellow actors SAMUEL L JACKSON and MICHAEL DOUGLAS for her to join them in competitions convinced her to start...

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Cooper's Golf Saviour

21st May 2006

Rocker ALICE COOPER credits golf for saving him from spiralling towards a drunken death. The POISON star admits he could have suffered a serious booze addiction if it wasn't for the distractions of the golf-course....

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Cooper Gets Keys To Namesake City

15th May 2006

Rock legend ALICE COOPER received the keys to the namesake North Dakota city of Alice in a special ceremony on Sunday (14MAY06). Officials from the town of nearly 60 people presented the 58-year-old rocker with...

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Heavy Metal Stars Retrace The Roots Of Metal In New Film

5th April 2006

ALICE COOPER, SLAYER, SLIPKNOT and ROB ZOMBIE are among the heavy hitters starring in a new documentary which traces the roots of metal music. BLACK SABBATH's TONY IOMMI, MOTORHEAD's LEMMY and MOTLEY CRUE's VINCE NEIL...

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Cooper Keeps Romance Alive By Dating

31st March 2006

Shock-rocker ALICE COOPER keeps the romance alive in his marriage by calling his wife and asking her out on dates. Cooper just celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary with wife SHERYL and insists the fire...

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Psychologist Landy Dies

30th March 2006

Psychologist-to-the-stars EUGENE LANDY has lost his battle with lung cancer in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was 71. Landy's celebrity clients include ALICE COOPER and RICHARD HARRIS, but he's perhaps best known for his treatment of BEACH...

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Quatro And Cooper Nearly Became An Item

6th February 2006

SUZI QUATRO almost embarked on a romance with ALICE COOPER in the mid-1970s, but the rockers decided to call it quits after their first kiss rather than risk their friendship. Quatro and Cooper only...

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Mason Thanks Cream For Career Direction

1st February 2006

PINK FLOYD drummer NICK MASON would have become an architect if it wasn't for rock supergroup CREAM. Mason and founder members ROGER WATERS, RICK WRIGHT and SYD BARRETT were students when they saw ERIC...

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The Things They Say 731

30th November 2005

"Before performing, I watch really bad king fu movies. I'm not talking BRUCE LEE here - I'm talking about really bad ones, like seven vampires versus a load of monks. They're really horrible - I've...

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Cooper: 'I'll Never Retire'

1st November 2005

Rock legend ALICE COOPER has vowed never to stop releasing new albums, insisting he wants his musical output to one day rival that of BOB DYLAN. The POISON hitmaker, real name VINCENT DAMON FURNIER,...

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Alice Cooper To Launch Reality Show

23rd October 2005

Rock hellraiser ALICE COOPER is planning to launch a brand new reality TV series which could save one homeless Londoner from lifelong destitution. The POISON star will choose one beggar from the streets of...

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Rocker Cooper Predicts End Of World

18th October 2005

Ageing hellraiser ALICE COOPER is convinced the end of the world is approaching, citing the recent string of horrendous natural disasters as evidence of an imminent apocalypse. The SCHOOL'S OUT rocker, whose father was...

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Cooper Got Sober Visiting Bars

17th October 2005

Veteran hellraiser ALICE COOPER refused to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings when he quit drinking, instead preferring to sip soft drinks in bars. The SCHOOL'S OUT rocker decided the quickest route to everlasting sobriety...

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Cooper Wants To Be Defined As A Punk Prototype

17th October 2005

ALICE COOPER is eager to go down in history as the original punk rocker, insisting his music foreshadowed punk legends the SEX PISTOLS. The NO MORE MR NICE GUY singer was a huge success...

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Cooper Quit Alcohol With The Help Of His Stage Persona

17th October 2005

Recovering alcoholic ALICE COOPER realised he had to change his stage image as well as his personal lifestyle if he was to quit boozing successfully. The SCHOOL'S OUT hitmaker had a serious drinking problem...

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Coughing Up Blood Warned Cooper To Quit Booze

17th October 2005

ALICE COOPER knew he had to give up drinking alcohol when he started coughing up blood every morning. The NO MORE MR NICE GUY rocker - real name VINCENT DAMON FURNIER - ended up...

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Alice Cooper Sparks A Fight Between Paris And Tinkerbell

24th September 2005

Shock rocker ALICE COOPER is poking fun at PARIS HILTON on his current tour - he has hired a lookalike to fight with a chihuahua onstage. The SCHOOL'S OUT singer will feature the Paris...

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Alice Cooper Fed Whisky As A Baby

17th September 2005

Veteran rocker ALICE COOPER had his first taste of alcohol at an extremely early age - his grandmother often gave him whisky when he was just a few months old. The 57-year-old SCHOOL'S OUT...

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Cooper Thanks Pushy Parents For His Fame

21st July 2005

Rock legend ALICE COOPER is grateful his pushy parents taught him to make the most of every opportunity which came his way, because he owes his success to their tireless perseverance. The SCHOOL'S OUT...

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Cooper: 'What's An Ipod?'

30th June 2005

Rock hellraiser ALICE COOPER is baffled by the latest craze among music fans, the iPod - because he still listens to vinyl. The NO MORE MR NICE GUY singer, 57, was asked during a...

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Cooper Wants To Duet With Mccartney

30th June 2005

Rocker ALICE COOPER would love to fulfil his lifetime dream of duetting with SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, despite already having accomplished a drunken singalong with the BEATLE's late bandmate JOHN LENNON. The SCHOOL'S OUT hitmaker...

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Cooper Becomes A Radio Star

23rd June 2005

ALICE COOPER has agreed to host his own show on the newly launched British radio station VIRGIN RADIO CLASSIC ROCK. The SCHOOL'S OUT star, 57, is busier than ever with a brand new album,...

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