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Alice Braga (born Alice Braga Moraes, 15.04.1983)
Alice Braga is a Brazilian actress.

Childhood: Alice Braga was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her mother is actress Ana Braga. She was raised a Catholic and was introduced to acting as a child by her mother and aunt. Her first acting experiences were in school plays and commercials.

Acting career: Alice Braga made her acting debut in a Portuguese short film called 'Trampolim' in 1998. In 2002, she appeared in 'City of God' with Alexandre Rodrigues and was nominated for a Cinema Brazil Grand Prize. In 2005, she won a series of awards for her role in 'Lower City' and in 2006 appeared in 'Only God Knows'. Her first English film was 2006's 'Journey to the End of Night' opposite Brendan Fraser and Mos Def. In 2007, she appeared in 'I Am Legend' with Will Smith and also 'Crossing Over' with Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd. The following year she was in David Mamet's 'Redbelt' alongside Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tim Allen and Emily Mortimer. In 2010, she had a role in the sci-fi flick 'Repo Men' with Jude Law and Forest Whitaker, as well as the Robert Rodriguez produced 'Predators' with Adrien Brody. In 2012, she starred alongside Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart in the movie adaptation of 'On The Road'.

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Simon Pegg Loved His 'Massive Rifle' In Hitman Comedy 'Kill Me Three Times'

Simon Pegg Steve Le Marquand Alice Braga Teresa Palmer Sullivan Stapleton Luke Hemsworth

Set to hit theaters this weekend, 'Kill Me Three Times' sees Simon Pegg in yet another violent parody, this time taking on the classic hitman-action drama. Pegg and director Kriv Stenders reveal the paradigms that make the genre so fun to lampoon.

Simon Pegg in 'Kill Me Three Times'
Simon Pegg enjoyed carrying his huge gun

He's mocked the zombie horror, the cop thriller, the sci-fi adventure, the romance drama and the period thriller, but now Pegg has taken on what looks to be one of his most fun roles yet, playing experienced assassin Charlie Wolfe in this complicated tale of betrayal, infidelity and revenge. And it seems Pegg and Stenders were on the same wavelength before filming even started. 

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Kill Me Three Times - Red Band Trailer

Charlie Wolfe (Simon Pegg) is a professional hit man. Living in Australia, he take the odd job here and there, killing people for money. One day, he is asked to find proof that a man's wife is cheating on him and, not knowing that it will change his life forever, he accepts. Wolfe finds the evidence he needs and receives his payment, but then accepts a job from the same client, who now wants him to kill the wife. The catch? She's just run away with the money that the client intends to pay him with. When Wolfe discovers that he's not the only person hunting for the money, things start to get weird, and Wolfe discovers that his job may not be as simple as he first thought.

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Elysium Review

As he did with District 9, South African filmmaker Blomkamp grounds this sci-fi thriller in present-day society, telling a story that resonates with a strong political kick. He also again uses effects in a off-handed way that never steals focus from the actors. On the other hand,he fails to build much of an emotional impact, even though the script continually tries to ramp up the personal drama. But the actors are all very watchable, and the film's urgent vibe keeps us gripped.

It's set in 2154 Los Angeles, a sprawling shantytown where people struggle to survive without adequate resources or health care. In orbit above the earth, Elysium is an idyllic refuge for the very wealthy. Protected by the fierce Secretary Rhodes (Foster), Elysium's only threat is illegal immigration from the surface. And that's what factory worker Max (Damon) wants to attempt after severe radiation poisoning. Even having a nurse (Braga) for a friend doesn't help him get proper care: he needs the high tech medicine on Elysium to survive. He turns to black-marketeer Spider (Moura) for help, and Spider fits Max with a devise that gives him physical strength plus technology to steal vital information from an Elysium contractor (Fichtner). So Rhodes unleashes sleeper agent Kruger (Copley) to stop Max.

Yes, the plot is somewhat convoluted, but the chaos makes it feel much more realistic than the more simplistic thrillers we usually see. It also helps that the digital effects feel so seamlessly integrated into the shaky-cam mayhem of the favelas, while even the more grandly photographed Elysium leaves the effects in the background. This allows Blomkamp to keep the focus on the characters, even if the splintering plot never draws us in emotionally. Braga's plotline is clearly designed to tug at the heart-strings, but her tentative romance with Max never goes anywhere. Max's friendship with Julio (Luna) is much more interesting.

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Elysium Trailer

It's the year 2154 and Max Da Costa is living in the densely populated, crime and war ravaged wasteland that is the planet Earth. Meanwhile, the rich and the privileged live on an orbital settlement in space called Elysium which boasts perfect landscapes, no poverty and medical advancements that can eliminate illnesses such as cancer in half a second. Despite Earth being a disease-stricken planet with little resources to go around, Secretary Rhodes is vehemently strict with her immigration laws disallowing anyone of a lower class to be allowed into their utopia even in the case of the most serious of illnesses. An ailing Max is determined to survive, however, even if it means embarking on a highly dangerous mission to break into the highly guarded space habitat and retrieve medical resources that could save him and the rest of the suffering population.

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