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Fascinating Fact 6950

4th March 2009

The original sheet music for composer BERNARD HERRMANN's score to ALFRED HITCHCOCK's PSYCHO, which carries the notes to the thriller's infamous shower scene, is going under the hammer later this month (24Mar09) at British auction...

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Hitchcock Returns To The Big Screen

10th February 2009

Legendary director ALFRED HITCHCOCK is to be brought back to life in a movie about his early years.Kung-Fu Panda and Good Luck Chuck star Dan Fogler has signed on to play the heavyweight auteur in...

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Movie Dress And No Bra Won Shepherd Moonlighting Role

9th September 2008

CYBILL SHEPHERD landed her lead role in TV hit MOONLIGHTING thanks to a sexy dress she wore in an ALFRED HITCHCOCK remake. The actress reveals her look in The Lady Vanishes inspired Moonlighting's sexy Maddie...

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Spielberg Accused Of Ripping Off Hitchcock

9th September 2008

Movie mogul STEVEN SPIELBERG has been charged with stealing his DISTURBIA plot from ALFRED HITCHCOCK's REAR WINDOW in a new Hollywood legal spat. The moviemaker's DreamWorks Studio and Universal Pictures have been accused of copyright...

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Fascinating Fact 5838

20th August 2008

Fashion designer KARL LAGERFELD has been given a hip-hop makeover to look like his favourite rapper LIL WAYNE for the September (08) issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine. GIORGIO ARMANI also took part in the fantasy...

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Fascinating Fact 4998

11th March 2008

CHRISTINA AGUILERA's new ads for jeweller STEPHEN WEBSTER were all inspired by ALFRED HITCHCOCK films.

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Stars Recreate Hitchcock Classics In New Photo Spread

6th February 2008

RENEE ZELLWEGER, GWYNETH PALTROW, ROBERT DOWNEY JR. and Oscar nominee JAVIER BARDEM are among the stars recreating classic scenes from ALFRED HITCHCOCK movies in a new Vanity Fair magazine spread. Zellweger imitates Kim Novak in...

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Hopkins To Play Hitchcock

7th November 2007

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS is to play movie mogul ALFRED HITCHCOCK in a new biopic about the revered director. Hopkins insists he has been such a fan of the filmmaker's work over the years, he feels...

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Watts To Face The Birds

19th October 2007

New mum NAOMI WATTS is to take on TIPPI HEDREN's iconic film role in a remake of ALFRED HITCHCOCK thriller THE BIRDS. The actress will play Melanie Daniels in the new film, an updated adaptation...

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The Things They Say 5696

24th September 2007

"I do have a Hitchcock moment. Most people in the first pass can't find me, so that's good; you'll have to see it again to find me." Former FRIENDS star-turned-director DAVID SCHWIMMER on his brief...

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Hitchcock Tops Directors Poll

1st September 2007

Legendary filmmaker ALFRED HITCHCOCK has topped a poll naming the greatest directors of all time. The Psycho director beat out competition from Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, in second and third places respectively, in the...

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Mcqueen + Hitchcock Home Movies To Be Shown

19th July 2007

Rarely seen home movies from the personal collections of Hollywood legends like ALFRED HITCHCOCK and STEVE MCQUEEN are to air as part of a one-night film festival in Hollywood. The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts...

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Fascinating Fact 3477

28th June 2007

ALFRED HITCHCOCK's legendary 1960 shocker PSYCHO has inspired an upcoming spin-off TV series, THE BATES MOTEL....

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Psycho House To Make Way For New Homes

8th December 2006

The house made famous by ALFRED HITCHCOCK's classic thriller PSYCHO is to be moved to make way for thousands of new homes as part of Universal Studios' redevelopment programme. The property, where JANET LEIGH's character...

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French Actress Jade Dies

5th December 2006

CLAUDE JADE, the French actress who starred in several of director FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT's best-loved films, has died. She was 58. Jade died at a hospital in the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt on Friday (01DEC06). She...

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Watts To Battle The Birds?

18th October 2006

Australian actress NAOMI WATTS has been offered the lead role in the remake of ALFRED HITCHCOCK's 1963 horror classic THE BIRDS. ARMAGEDDON director MICHAEL BAY's company will produce the new version of the film. She...

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North By Northwest Tops Style Poll

17th October 2006

ALFRED HITCHCOCK's classic movie NORTH BY NORTHWEST has topped a poll naming the most stylish films of all time. The 1959 thriller, which stars CARY GRANT and EVA MARIE SAINT, had the most influence on...

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Psycho Screenwriter Dead At 84

31st August 2006

The man who penned the screenplay for cult thriller PSYCHO has died at 84. JOSEPH STEFANO, who was a close friend of Psycho director ALFRED HITCHCOCK, was also the co-creator of science-fiction TV series THE...

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Burton Was First Choice Bond

27th August 2006

Late JAMES BOND creator IAN FLEMING originally wanted Welsh star RICHARD BURTON to play the superspy instead of SIR SEAN CONNERY. Newly-discovered correspondences from the writer to his film production boss IVAR BRYCE revealed his...

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Bewitched Star Rogers Dies

13th July 2006

BEWITCHED star KASEY ROGERS has died after suffering a stroke. She was 80. Rogers' companion MARK WOOD said the actress passed away at USC University Hospital in Los Angeles last Thursday (06JUL06). Rogers, who also...

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Set Designer Bumstead Dies

29th May 2006

Oscar-winning set designer HENRY BUMSTEAD, who collaborated with CLINT EASTWOOD on 13 movies, has died at the age of 91. Hollywood veteran Bumstead, who worked on over 100 films, won Academy Awards for production design...

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Actress Valli Dies

23rd April 2006

THE THIRD MAN actress ALIDA VALLI died at her home in Rome, Italy on Saturday (22APR06). She was 84. Valli rose to fame in the 1930s and 1940s starring in a string of Italian films...

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Mcgregor To Star In New Hitchcock Film

31st January 2006

Scots heart-throb EWAN McGREGOR has signed up to appear in a new film based on the life of ALFRED HITCHCOCK. The film will focus on the director's early years growing up in London, and...

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Costume Designer Mabry Dies

27th January 2006

Legendary Hollywood costume designer MOSS MABRY has died in a hospital in San Diego, California. He was 87. The four-time Oscar-nominated designer's credits include JAMES DEAN epics GIANT and REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and...

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Gibson Surprises Fans With Movie Appearance

29th December 2005

Actor-turned-director MEL GIBSON has tricked fans by making a surprise cameo in the trailer for his new movie APOCALYPTO. Eagle-eyed American film fans have spotted a fleeting appearance by the LETHAL WEAPON star in the...

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Spartacus Star Stone Dies At 92

21st November 2005

Movie veteran HAROLD STONE has died of natural causes in a Woodlands Hills, California hospital. He was 92. The actor is most famous for starring roles in ALFRED HITCHCOCK's THE WRONG MAN and biblical...

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Connery To Be Awarded Top Afi Honour

11th November 2005

Veteran actor SIR SEAN CONNERY is to be awarded the American Film Institute's (AFI) Life Achievement Award to honour his outstanding contribution to film. Scottish Connery is most famous for his role as superspy...

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Maclaine's Trouble With Hitchcock

7th November 2005

SHIRLEY MACLAINE struggled to understand movie mogul ALFRED HITCHCOCK when the pair first worked together because the master of suspense spoke to her in riddles. The actress first worked with the cult British director...

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Goodfellas Named Greatest Movie Of All Time

24th October 2005

Director MARTIN SCORSESE's classic mafia drama GOODFELLAS has been voted the greatest movie of all time in a poll of experts by British magazine Total Film. The 1990 movie, which stars ROBERT DE NIRO,...

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Barbara Bel Geddes Dies Of Lung Cancer

11th August 2005

Former DALLAS star BARBARA BEL GEDDES has died of lung cancer. She was 82. The veteran actress, who played matriarch MISS ELLIE EWING on the classic soap, passed away at her home in Northeast...

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