Cute and somewhat fluffy, Alexandra Pelosi documented some 12-months-plus on the road with George W. Bush during the 2000 Presidential race, during which she was part of the press corps. Her story careens from the grueling conditions (turkey sandwiches at every meal, 3am press conferences) to the camaraderie that develops among the members of the corps (including a flirtation with "Newsweek man"). Of course, Pelosi (her mother is the Democratic minority leader in the House of Representatives) skewers Bush repeatedly, but he actually comes off as far more intelligent here than during his public appearances. He spars with Pelosi from time to time and cracks wise with the best of them, humanizing a man who often comes off as a dolt. All in all, an interesting look at the life of the campaign-trail press, especially ones that don't really care for the candidate they're forced to follow.