Alexandra Burke has become "friends" with Beyonce Knowles.

The 'Single Ladies' singer has become heavily involved with Alexandra after performing a duet with her on the final of British reality TV show 'The X Factor' - which she subsequently won.

The 'Bad Boys' singer has revealed Beyonce has been supporting her throughout the recording of her debut album 'Overcome' in the US.

Alexandra, 21, said: "She's such a lovely woman and now I'm working with all her people.

"In the studio in New York I was singing and I opened my eyes and my girl Beyonce was standing there. I went to cuddle her and cried. She said, 'You can't cry, we're friends now.' And I cried some more.

"I was like, 'You can't tell me things like that. You're Beyonce.' "

Alexandra is remaining tight-lipped on whether 28-year-old Beyonce will appear on her album, but she hopes to perform with former Destiny's Child star soon.

She added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "I can't confirm anything yet, but I'm hoping to be on the European leg of Beyonce's tour."

Alexandra will perform her first single 'Bad Boys' on 'The X Factor' on October 11.