Alexa Chung can predict the next big fashion trends.

The style icon likes to plan her looks well in advance with the help of her mother and says she often feels like a ''fashion psychic'' because so many of her ideas are replicated on the catwalk by top designers.

Alexa told ELLE magazine: ''What is next? What can we wear next? I worry all the time that I'm going to run out of ideas, you know? I always tell my mum my fashion ideas, because I know she'll remember them.

''And last summer, I told my mum, 'Mermaids are going to become a big thing'. And then Karl [Lagerfeld] did that whole Chanel mermaid collection. Then a few months ago, I said, 'Mum, everyone's going to look like race car drivers.'

''And I saw the new Louis Vuitton collection, and I thought, 'All those checks look like race car flags. This is so [messed] up!'''

Alexa recently shot the Maje 2012 campaign with renowned photographer Glen Luchford in the Paris Metro, and has her fashion-forward style to thank for landing her the coveted job.

Designer Judith Milgrom, the head of the French ready-to-wear label, commented: ''I've been looking at photographs of Alexa Chung for many, many years. I've always thought she has a special, almost magical touch with how she puts her look together.

''I love her personality; it's tough but delicate, young but wise, feminine but strong...I think [Maje] and the new collection is about that, too.''