Alexa Chung teaches her mum beauty tricks.

The star helps give her mother Gill Chung beauty tips and advises her on how to apply make-up since her naturally ''pretty'' mum has never been keen on using cosmetic products.

Alexa told America's ELLE magazine: ''I grew up in the countryside and she's naturally beautiful, but she wasn't big on make-up. Even now, she's like, 'Where does this one go again, Alexa?' And I'm like, 'That's blusher, Mother! That's for your cheeks!' She does like a red lip, though. She's good at a red lip.

''But I'm the one who teaches her beauty tricks, even though she really doesn't need any make-up. That's the problem with having a pretty mum. You're like, 'Well what the f**k am I supposed to do now?' ''

Alexa - who was recently appointed as eye make-up line Eyeko's creative director - prefers liquid eyeliner over a kohl pencil because of the dramatic effect it creates.

She added: ''[I like it] just for the effect. If you use kohl for a cat eye it smudges and moves around. A liquid will stay in a more graphic shape and you can do more illustrations with it.

''Kohl in my mind is more for underneath the eye and getting a smokier effect.''