Alexa Chung felt ''exhausted'' when she turned 30.

The brunette beauty has just reached the milestone age and although she enjoyed celebrating, she admits entering a new decade has made her feel old.

She said: ''Turning 30's been good in the sense that I've had three parties. But each one had a two-day hangover attached so, yes, I'm old.

''Turning 30 felt inevitable. I woke up and said out loud, 'I'm 30' and then went to a Turkish baths in the East Village [of New York].

''Actually, you know when you wake up from a big night out and think, 'that was tough'? I woke up on my 30th birthday and felt the fatigue of my twenties set in. I sort of exhaled and thought, 'What a trip?' I just felt a bit exhausted. Oh man, I've packed a lot in.''

Alexa enjoyed seeing her friends and family together at her birthday party because it was such a surreal occasion, and she admits to feeling sorry for her friend Harry Styles after seeing the level of attention he received at the bash.

She wrote in Grazia magazine: ''The London party was like speed-dating my friends - I talked to everyone for about 90 seconds. But I loved seeing my family, especially my parents, in the same room with my friends. It was really funny to watch Harry Styles high-fiving my mother.

''My Instagram was flooded with his mug next day. Poor guy, must spend the whole time feeling like he's Mickey Mouse at Disney World.''