Alex Trebek is now a record-breaker!

The veteran ‘Jeopardy!’ host has been named the longest-running host of a television game show by the Guinness World Records, ABC News reports.

The achievement was accomplished on Friday (June 13th) when helming his 6,829th show, to this date Trebek has reportedly asked 416,569 questions.

The 73 year-old, who has consistently hosted the game show since 1984, is currently expected to finally retire towards the end of the 2015-2016 season.

“The record can, could and probably will be broken by someone else,” Trebek said, according to ABC News.

The longtime host was apparently referring to Pat Sajak, the host of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for the past three decades, which airs at the same time as ‘Jeopardy!’ on multiple ABC stations.

Since Sajak is also younger at 67 years-old, he has more time to break the record.

Sony Pictures has not yet named who is likely to succeed Trebek once he walks away from the hosting game.

This isn’t the only streak that ‘Jeopardy!’ has been a part of as of late.

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Chicago-area resident Julia Collins recently lost her ‘Jeopardy!’ winning streak after 21 games and an incredible 20 wins. She was finally defeated by rival Brian Loughnane, during an appearance on the pre-taped show that aired June 2nd.

It was literature-based question that finally stumped Collins, but she did manage to walk away with a total of $428,100 as a result of her extended win. However, the 31 year-old game show contestant remained rather gracious in defeat, saying it "just didn't go my way," and "I couldn't have loved being on the show more."

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“If it helps dispel the idea that women aren't as good 'Jeopardy!' players as men, that would be great," she said at the time. "It's good to see women being applauded for being smart."

Congratulations Alex Trebek!

Alex Trebek
Trebek is the longest-running host of a game show