Katie Price's cage fighter lover was "blackmailed" over his cross-dressing secret.

Muscular hunk Alex Reid - who is also known as 'Roxanne' and wears make-up, women's clothes, wigs and high heels - apparently only revealed his alter-ego to prevent his ex-girlfriend Marie Thornett telling all .

Marie, 29, reportedly forced Alex to admit his secret to Katie after she sent the glamour girl a message on social networking website Facebook hinting about his fetish for women's clothing.

Alex, 34, told a friend: "I've got nothing to be ashamed of. It's almost a form of blackmail. I want people to know the truth, but on my terms. I won't let her twist things and make what I do sound seedy."

Although the muscle-bound sportsman loves indulging his feminine side with make-up and gossip sessions, he refuses to play a female role in the bedroom.

A friend told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Jordan may think this is a kinky sex thing but nothing could be further from the truth. He doesn't have sex as her at all, only as Alex. He is much happier having cosy girlie nights in, trying out his girlfriends' lipstick and having a good gossip.

"When he's out of character he's the complete opposite and an animal in the bedroom. He is utterly insatiable and a hot lover. It really is a remarkable transformation."

It has also been revealed Alex is the complete opposite of his glamorous alter-ego.

A close friend revealed: "Alex is very clean-living and doesn't smoke but when he is Roxanne, he puffs away like a chimney. Roxanne is brilliant when it comes to cooking and cleaning... she is always throwing dinner parties for her friends while wearing her best clothes."

Katie's soon-to-be ex-husband, singer Peter Andre, has begged the model not to let the children they raise together - Harvey, seven, four-year-old Junior and Princess Tiaamii, two - see Alex dressed as Roxanne.

He said: "Whatever people do in their private lives, please don't do it in front of the children. Everything you do in front of the kids they pick up. It's frustrating for me, but what can I do?"