Alex Reid has broken his sex ban with Katie Price

The cage-fighter - who is has a bout with Tom Kong Watson coming up next month - admits he had to break the rules after he and his wife were reunited following some time apart.

He said: "I said last week that I like to give up sex for four weeks before a fight but that would be since the weekend gone, and - as we were both away last week - we had to break the rules when we got back!

"I'm not that strict about it, to be honest. I just think it makes me more determined."

Alex - who married Katie in a quickie ceremony in Las Vegas earlier this year - also rubbished reports the couple were having difficulties in their relationship.

Writing in his column for Star magazine, he said: "We know how tight we are. We want a baby and we wouldn't do that if our relationship wasn't really secure. Just think about it."