Alex Pettyfer has revealed his favorite 'High School Musical' movie.
Alex Pettyfer, the English actor who stars alongside Vanessa Hudgens in the new fantasy-romance movie 'Beastly', says 'High School Musical 3' is his favorite film from the teen franchise.During an interview with MTV News, Pettyfer and Hudgens were discussing working together on 'Beastly' when the British actor revealed that he would sing songs from 'High School Musical' whilst on set. The 20-year-old said Hudgens, who starred in the hit series, was not impressed, adding, "Yeah, I didn't get any reaction". When asked whether he was a fan of the series, Pettyfer confessed, "I'm the biggest geek. It's all over my wall. Gotta love the Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and High School Musical 3". The 22-year-old actress appeared to agree with his choice, nodding her head and saying, "Pretty solid". Pettyfer plays cocky high-school student 'Kyle' in 'Beastly', who finds himself transformed into an alien-looking outcast after he becomes involved with a young woman who dabbles in witchcraft. The low-budget movie exceeded box office expectations by taking $10.1 million from less than 2000 theatres during its opening weekend.
Alex Pettyfer is set to star in the forthcoming sci-fi movie 'Now' about a world in which the rich can live forever, while the poor attempt to negotiate their immortality.