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67th Emmy Awards Nominees For Outstanding Writing

Alec Berg - Host Niece Nash along with the Writers Peer Group salute the 67th Emmy Awards Nominees for Outstanding Writing at an exclusive cocktail reception in Beverly Hills at Montage Beverly Hills, Emmy Awards - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 16th September 2015

Alec Berg
Alec Berg

Silicon Valley Screening

Mike Judge and Alec Berg - HBO Presents The Season Two Screening of Silicon Valley With Mike Judge and Alec Berg at The Village - San Francisco, California, United States - Thursday 9th April 2015

Mike Judge and Alec Berg
Mike Judge
Mike Judge, Kumail Nanjiani, Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods, Martin Starr and Alec Berg
Mike Judge, Kara Swisher and Alec Berg
Mike Judge and Matt Ross
Kara Swisher, Mike Judge, Alec Berg, Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Zach Woods and Matt Ross

2015 Writers Guild Awards West Coast Ceremony

Alec Berg - Photographs of a host of stars as they arrived for the 2015 Writers Guild Awards West Coast ceremony which were held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 14th February 2015

Alec Berg
Alec Berg

The Dictator Review

This may look like a wildly irreverent satire about a North African despot, but it doesn't take long to realise that the filmmakers' target is somewhere else.

And the biting script never pulls its punches, leaping us laughing at the audacity while making a serious point.

Aladeen (Baron Cohen) is the pampered dictator of Wadiya, who travels to New York to tell the UN to stop nosing around his nuclear "energy" plants. But his Uncle Tamir (Kingsley) is plotting to kill him and replace him with a double who will sign a democratic constitution essentially selling the country to oil companies. Aladeen manages to escape, but no one recognises him cleanly shaven, so he teams up with health-food activist Zoey (Faris) and a countryman (Mantzoukas) to get his country back.

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At The 2012 Writers Guild Awards At The Hollywood Palladium.

Alec Berg - Alec Berg Curb, Sunday 19th February 2012 at the 2012 Writers Guild Awards at the Hollywood Palladium.

Alec Berg

Tom Hanks To Be Honoured At Producers' Guild Awards

Tom Hanks Alan Ball Alec Berg Anthony Bourdain Barry Levinson Basil Iwanyk Bill Maher Bonnie Arnold Celine Rattray Christian Colson Christopher Lloyd Christopher Nolan Damon Lindelof Danny Boyle David Hoberman David Mandel Don Scardino Emile Sherman Emma Thomas Ethan Coen Gary Gilbert Gary Goetzman Gil Bellows Glee Graham King Graham Yost Gregg Fienberg James Cameron Janet Healy Jeff Garlin Jeff Schaffer Jeffrey Levy-Hinte Jerry Bruckheimer Joel Coen John Battsek Jon Stewart Judd Apatow Kathy Griffin Larry David Liz Sarnoff Lorne Michaels Lydia Dean Pilcher Mark Johnson Mark Wahlberg Michael De Luca Mike Medavoy Paul Zbyszewski Scott Carter Scott Ferguson Scott Rudin Silverstein Steven Spielberg Superman The Rise Tina Fey Vince Gilligan Beverly Hilton Hotel

Tom Hanks and James Cameron will be honoured during the 22nd annual Producers' Guild Awards.

Judd Apatow will host the ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 22nd, which will see the 'Forest Gump' star receive the Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television along with Gary Goetzman and the 'Avatar' director presented with the Milestone Award.

Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle faces competition from a host of producers including Christopher Nolan and Joel and Ethan Coen in the Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures.

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Sacha Baron Cohen Set For Torrente Remake

Sacha Baron Cohen Alec Berg Borat David Mandel Freddie Mercury Jeff Schaffer Live Aid Peter Morgan

Sacha Baron Cohen is set to star in a remake of 'Torrente'.

The 'Borat' funnyman is in talks to take on the lead role in the Hollywood version of the Spanish comedy action franchise, which were created by Spanish comedian Santiago Segura.

The movies focus on Jose Luis Torrente, a loose cannon former policeman who is fired by his local force and sees it as his mission to keep patrolling the neighbourhood.

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Eurotrip Review

Who would've thought, in this dreary month of studio-dumped product, that true joy could come in the form of Vinnie Jones and a busload of football hooligans barreling down a French highway in the wrong lane with Vinnie screaming, "Piss off! Drive on the right side of the road!" Well, me neither, but nonetheless Eurotrip manages to be that oddly rare quantity these days: the actually enjoyable stupid comedy.

Starring a bunch of nobodies, leavened with a few clever star cameos, and written and directed by guys you've never heard of, Eurotrip wastes no time with the setup and getting its young stars to Europe. Upon graduating from high school, Scotty (Scott Mechlowicz) gets dumped by his girlfriend (Smallville's Kristen Kreuk), who then makes out with the lead singer of the band playing at the graduation party (an oddly-placed Matt Damon, lip-synching a song called "Scotty Doesn't Know"). Simultaneously, Scotty discovers that his German e-mail pen pal, whom he thought was a guy, is actually an extremely hot blonde. Unfortunately, drunk and despondent, he has just told her to stop writing (thinking it was a guy coming on to him). Spiritually devastated, Scotty decides to head across the Atlantic with his friends - requisite crazy guy Cooper (Jacob Pitts), nerd Jamie (Travis Wester), and Jamie's tomboy sister (Michelle Trachtenberg) - to seek the Aryan beauty of his dreams.

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The Cat In The Hat Review

Make a movie about a black cat, and you're just asking to be cursed with a streak of bad luck. Yet even the most hardened cynic will be surprised at how far Universal's The Cat in the Hat strays from the childish antics of Dr. Seuss' original work. Judging from this humorless monstrosity, the Cat team spent 10 years working on their film's decorative appearance and a combined 10 minutes writing sleazy jokes and a catastrophic script that I wouldn't use to line a litter box.

Director Bo Welch and production designer Alex McDowell earn a few points for their visions. Welch perfected his craft on lavishly bizarre features like Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice, and McDowell's design work on Cat literally sets Seuss's story free from the page. The gorgeous sets form a pastel feast for the eyes. They're a sight to be seen, yet they're inserted into an unwatchable bomb that shouldn't be seen by anyone.

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Alec Berg

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